Jul 13 2020
06:40 am

Florida hit an alarming one-day high on Sunday with 15,300 new coronavirus cases, shattering both the state and national record for new cases reported since the start of the pandemic.

With Sunday’s staggering surge in new cases, Florida eclipsed New York’s coronavirus peak of 12,274 cases on April 4.

Sure, go to Florida this summer. The beaches are great, Disney is open.

Please keep the spread in Florida or do a 14 day quarantine when you return.

Keep Florida's idiocracy in Florida.

Celestial Dung's picture

I'll never learn I guess.

I know I should't be too surprised by a corporations behavior anymore, but Disney's decision to open up a theme park in the most hit state in the Union just shocks and appalls me. I mean, they know what's going on and they know what the result is going to be. I'm not even thinking they should be altruistic, can't they just be humane?

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Seems like a potential

Seems like a potential catalyst for lawsuits. Unless people sign something agreeing not to sue

bizgrrl's picture

It just gets better. Marion

It just gets better.

Marion County Sheriff Billy Woods forbids his employees and those visiting his offices to wear masks in most circumstances. This is the Ocala area. You drive right through it when driving south to Disney World.
At least 36 employees at the Marion County Jail, and seven outside the jail — including patrol officers — have tested positive for COVID-19. More than 200 inmates have tested positive. An infected nurse at the jail recently died.

Marion County, with a population of about 370,000, has had nearly 6,800 confirmed coronavirus cases since the start of the pandemic, with 104 deaths. Marion reported a single-day record of 13 deaths on Tuesday, county officials said.

The rate of COVID-19 cases (and COVID-19 deaths) as compared to the population is much higher than Knox County. Is it because they have gone down the rabbit hole in Marion County Florida?

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