Dec 19 2009
09:40 pm
By: Sandra Clark

Dropped by Tim and Allison Burchett's Christmas event today (looking for GOV art on a slow week). Interesting collection of folks, including Democrats Mark and Mike Padgett (Mark's got a 5-day old baby girl).

Best surprise was Tim's pet, a huge rabbit named Flop, who lives in a cage in the living room.

It got me to wondering about the pets of other county mayor types.

Somehow I don't see Tim Hutchison with a rabbit ... unless perhaps he trapped it in the woods and is skinning it for dinner.  -- s.

bizgrrl's picture

unless perhaps he trapped it

unless perhaps he trapped it in the woods and is skinning it for dinner.

bill young's picture

& Cosby?

Cosby would tell Flop to cut 2% off that upkeep budget.

Anonymously Nine's picture


What are the lyrics to "Hound Dog"? You ain't nothin but a hound dog / Cryin all the time. / Well, you aint never caught a rabbit / And you ain't no friend of mine.

Anonymously Nine's picture


Sandra, any word from Tim about this website?



James Wilson Doe III's picture

The ignore button is awesome

Can't stand the one with the mancrush on the "good" Shurf. Thanks again to whoever pointed that out to me.

I say put all three of them on a one way train to somewhere, ANYWHERE but here. Burchett's a political suckup with no meaningful administrative experience, the Shurf reminds me of what Boss Hogg's retarded cousin might be, and I can't make heads or tails of Cosby. One second he's spouting populist flavored rhetoric, the next he's guffawing with some of our county's political worst and dimmest.

The only reason Cosby's even getting serious mention is because the Shurf is hoping Cosby will pull a Nader on Burchett. If the Shurf thinks he can win a two man primary contest against anyone not named Scott Moore he must be smoking something out of Owings's stash.

I'd like to see Saunders run for CM, or Ed Shouse. Both have administrative experience, no nonsense attitudes and more integrity in their pinky nails than Burch/Shurf/Showboat can buy. That's probably why they wouldn't make it if they tried though.

Anonymously Nine's picture

Rumor is...

Saunders will run for County Mayor on the other side. I hope so. It is pathetic to see so many walk overs. His voting record will be interesting to defend.

James Wilson Doe III's picture

Ignore button improvement suggestion

Any way to make it to where ignored people don't even register on the page in the view of someone ignoring that person? In other words, is there an option to make it to where I can't even see when an ignored person tries to make a comment, making them completely invisible to the ignoring party? It's a great feature and that addition would make it perfect! More websites should have it.

Anonymously Nine's picture


There is this thing called self control. You could try that.

James D.'s picture

Speaking of pets

It got me to wondering about the pets of other county mayor types.

I recall that Hutch has a few loyal, barely housebroken lapdogs named Lumpy, Scooby and Pinky.

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