Jun 22 2018
03:36 pm
By: Mark Harmon

Dear Friends,

The Knoxville News Sentinel, effective end of next week, is discontinuing all four local columnists (Greg Johnson, Frank Cagle, Ina Hughs, and me). Next week's column will be my last in that role.
I'm still seeking other opportunities to write columns and will keep you posted. These past several years have been a blast. Twice I've won a Sigma Delta Chi national award for column writing, and have been honored with local and regional awards as well.
My life as a professor of journalism and electronic media goes on, unaffected by this disappointment.

Much love to all my readers, Mark Harmon

bizgrrl's picture

Wow! We hope you find new

Wow! We hope you find new writing opportunities.

The KNS is barely a local paper. How much longer will it be around?

R. Neal's picture

We will miss your column and

We will miss your column and your voice of sanity in the KNS. I'm guessing this is a Gannett thing. They don't want local papers. They want generic McPapers. Will the last journalist at KNS please turn out the lights?

Mike Knapp's picture

downsizing to less than 1

Damn, so sorry to hear this Mark. A really bad but important time to be a journalist.

WhitesCreek's picture

Hopefully you can find an

Hopefully you can find an outlet that will let you keep showing us the inside view of what is really going on. I always read anything with your name on it.

Rachel's picture

The local columnists are one

The local columnists are one of the few things still worth reading. I've been a loyal subscriber since 1982, but it may be time to bail.

barker's picture


Sorry to hear this, Mark. It's a sad day for those who value local opinions and debate. I hope you and the others can find ways to keep the conversation going.

All the best,

fischbobber's picture


I too, am sorry to hear this.

cwg's picture


Ugh ugh ugh ugh ugh

Doug Veum's picture

Sorry to hear this Mark. You

Sorry to hear this Mark. You told some of us this week that you had a backlog of column ideas that would appear in the KNS over the next weeks...hopefully there will be a place to publish them.

If UT's athletic department starts to publish Vol news the News Sentinel could be put out of its misery...the political scene can be published in an online newspaper like the Texas Tribune or the MinnPost. Check out those two online news sources.

S Carpenter's picture



Thanks for writing intelligent and much needed opinion pieces. I hope you find another publisher.

I took this snap of a couple of weeks ago and it pretty much says it all.


Treehouse's picture


I think Name Here is the most prolific writer the News Sentinel has.

dgreene423's picture

Cancelled today

I just cancelled my KNS subscription. It's no longer a local paper.

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