Sep 15 2015
01:20 pm
By: Sandra Clark

Knox County Democrats will field a candidate for County Commission in District 4 -- the seat now held by Jeff Ownby.

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Need somebody more qualified

Need somebody more qualified with a better resume and more accomplishments.

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is that a joke?

Randy, is that a joke?

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Also she is another

Also she is another "university twit" and also not a man also.

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I think so. -Jon Stewart

I think so.

-Jon Stewart

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Yes, sorry, didn't think it

Yes, sorry, didn't think it needed a /snark tag.

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I thought it was funny. Especially the original double post. It's a new wave of comedy. Double satire on multiple levels.

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Dems don't understand about

Dems don't understand about politics. It's not about the resume. It's about connecting and going to bat for your constituents. That's why Trump, as rich as he is, is surging. He connects. Kennedys did as well.

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Trump is actually a cynical

Trump is actually a cynical opportunist taking advantage of a degenerating culture energized only by rage. Ordinary citizens' hope sparked by a bully who brags about lusting for his daughter before audiences who support things like promise rings and abstinence for their own girls. How he must despise his admirers, knowing their values yet talking to them like that, and getting applause in return. Imagine his contempt for them, and yet they deserve it, so it's hard for me to really blame him for seizing his moment, like every charismatic sociopath in history has done when an empire really starts to break into avalanche. Trump's supporters are a demographic in its death throes, the way dying people behave when they can no longer think straight and grasp at anything that might keep them alive, if only for a little while.

It's terrible to watch people lose their dignity. The whole thing bums me out.

(Oh, sorry for the thread derail.)

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Biden connects on a real-life

Biden connects on a real-life level.

You either connect or understand why you're different and are honest about it.

Trump does, Bush doesn't. HRC doesn't; Biden does.

The Kennedys were rich, but fought for the little guy.

Get that and that's the general.

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They had dignity?

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More derail

Bums me too, but yours is possibly the best explanation for the Trump phenomenon that I've read. He is a megalomaniac who has merely mastered reality TV, and he knows that's all it really takes anymore. Where should we expect the GOP to be 16 years after they coronated Junior as the new improved Reagan? And did anyone notice that Jeb's tax plan is more 1% friendly than his brother's was, and his stated reason for running is almost verbatim: I can bring people together.

Carry on.

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"They had dignity?" You don't

"They had dignity?"

You don't need their votes?

Talk down to the voters and lose the election.

Dems biggest mistake.

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You're right there. That's

You're right there. That's why Bernie is hot. Check this out.

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Republicans don't make mistakes, they make fascists

Their base's current choice is a chapter 11 specialist who used to dress up like an army man at a boarding school where he says he "always felt" that he was "in the military." Evidently he wasn't captured enough by the military to actually serve in it. Right now he serves another purpose, his own, by serving up racial tension and class envy with healthy portions of misogynist tripe. A couple days ago in Dallas, as he got enthusiastic applause for his nativist scapegoating of 'forners, his supporters showed their true colors clashing with anti-Trump protesters in 60's era-like scenes reminiscent of those times his base longs for. Those times when blacks couldn't vote , got hung from trees and hippies got hit by water cannons.

Republicans don't make mistakes, but do they make fascists? The only element missing is a leader good enough for those who hate being looked down upon to look up to. Maybe they've found their man. Unlike like so many of his fellow GOP presidential candidates he's not a transmitter. Instead he might be the real thing. Acknowledging Godwin's Law there are times when the question is relevant - if it quacks and waddles like a fascist, is it one?

Richard Hofstadter, “The Paranoid Style in American Politics” (New York: Knopf, 1965)

George Johnson, “Architects of Fear: Conspiracy Theories and Paranoia in American Politics” (Los Angeles: Tarcher/Houghton Mifflin, 1983)

Frank P. Mintz, “The Liberty Lobby and the American Right: Race, Conspiracy, and Culture” (Westport, CT: Greenwood, 1985).

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Well, you have a group of

Well, you have a group of people persuaded by the spoken word, and use to having their "values" questioned. They call it "preaching" for a reason.

This of the year of the anti-establishment. Change. Can Sanders moderate? Can Trump?

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Because a presidential

Because a presidential election is just like a local county commission race. Sheesh.

Anyway, Ms.Davis seems to be quite involved in the comminity so she probably has some "connections."

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Yeah, I was about to say if

Yeah, I was about to say if you want to talk Presidential politics, start a new thread.

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Or just do it here. It's all

Or just do it here. It's all good.

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I don't think Sanders could

I don't think Sanders could win a general election. Is the thinking he could, or if not, what's the end game?

Democrats seemed to have this election for the taking, but they are quickly getting divisive in the primary, which could cost them the general.

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My crystal ball is always pretty hazy about these kind of things. I can't say that I don't have some of those fears to some degree, but I'm not going to let it worry me this early. Basically, ¯\_(ツ)_/¯.

At least I continue to be consoled by the opposition. It's so bad, I can finally watch GOP debates for the sheer comedy. We might be doomed by that movement, but I would try to get to the end of times with some laughter.

I miss our old live blogging we used to do here for debates and such, but Twitter has filled the void. It's been a godsend for hilarious running commentary.

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The Donald, in this thread??? Let's STAY ON TASK HERE..and talk about a fine LOCAL CANDIDATE that Knox Co Dems have...just saying!

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