Jul 31 2019
08:14 pm

So far so good :)

They sing the national anthem. I could be wrong about yesterday's debate, but I saw Sanders and Biden sort of singing along (mouthing the words) but no one else.

The Trump campaign is getting a lot of negative talking points out of these Democratic candidate debates. CNN is loving it.

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Gillibrand's first act as

Gillibrand's first act as president, "clorox the oval office."

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Joe Biden opening statement,

Joe Biden opening statement, "Just look at this stage, made up of diverse people from diverse backgrounds, went on to be mayors, senators, governors, congresswomen, members of the cabinet and yes, even a vice president. Mr. President, this is America. And we are stronger and great because of this diversity, Mr. President, not in spite of it, Mr. President. So Mr. President, let's get something straight. We love it. We are not leaving it. We are here to stay and we're certainly not going to leave it to you."

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My observations from the

My observations from the debates:

It appeared that Obama was being attacked as much or more than Trump.

Most of the candidates last night seemed to think going after Biden was their key to going up in the polls but they offered little evidence that they could beat Trump.

Tuesday's debate was more about specific policies and the winners were Warren and Sanders.

Last night gave Trump a lot of fodder for campaign ads.

Gabbard obviously used her team's opposition research to levy several effective attacks on Harris. She is not ready to be President but she had a good showing by actually using facts to support her opinion,

Harris did not have a good night.

By the September debates we will see a lot fewer candidates and my guess is it will begin to narrow down to Biden, Warren, and Sanders as the only serious candidates for the Democratic nomination.

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good data visualization

Detailed Maps of the Donors Powering the 2020 Democratic Campaigns (NYT paywall)


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