Oct 30 2018
05:51 pm

Unless he launches global thermonuclear war or something, the media should just quit covering him or mentioning his name in any way. He lives for this stuff. It's all about branding. All publicity is good publicity, etc. You are why he got elected. His brand, his family, his advisors... they're all toxic. Stop. Just stop. Cut off their oxygen.

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You certainly didn't feel

You certainly didn't feel that way when Obama was routinely gushed over by the press.

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Lol. And your point is?

Lol. And your point is?

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You don't want to acknowledge any differences.

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I would wish the same for

I would wish the same for coverage of mass shootings.

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Hello, Neal

Must disagree. The reason Trumpty Dumpty was elected is because Democrats were dumb enough to run Hillary Clinton. She is totally inept and until Democrats stop living in the past they will never lead again.

And as I've stated for so many years, if a candidate is on the wrong side of the Marijuana issue, or too gutless to take a public stand, they will be hard pressed to succeed in this day and age. Then there's the primary reason I am no longer a Democrat.... Lies.
Democratic credibility had decreased dramatically as Bill Clinton and Obama both blatantly preached progress only to scoff at those who believed in them then had the audacity to expect promises to be kept.

Democrats elected Trump. Maybe one day they'll learn.

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Go back to Russia.

Go back to Russia.

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Should the Press Boycott

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Not going to happen. They

Not going to happen. They could take different tactics. Don't know what different tactics. Maybe stop asking questions? When asking questions of this president they are just tabulating more lies.

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It is never good for the media to ignore anything, especially the President of the United States. What he says and does, no matter how much you may find it distasteful, is legitimate news and should be reported.

Interesting take on the Acosta situation from my friend and former colleague Al Tompkins at the Poynter Institute: (link...)

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I thought Acosta was out of

I thought Acosta was out of line, so I generally agree with your friend.

One problem is that Trump brings out the worst in everyone. And he loves it.

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False equivalencies

Acosta is not perfect and could have tried to phrase his questions more artfully somehow, sure.

The fact of the matter, however, is that he was asking the President to explain or otherwise be accountable for the lies that he had been propagating for weeks about this migrant caravan in Mexico. How artful does Acosta have to be? It's a caravan of refugees, hundreds of miles from the border. Trump has been lying about it to motivate his base, claiming it was a caravan of terrorists and criminals, due at the border any minute, ready to invade our country as a hostile power.

Acosta could have bowed and genuflected all over the place as he gently inquired if Trump was maybe possibly lying about all this, but Trump would never have copped to it, much less apologized for it.

So whether Acosta made a statement of fact or used Jeopardy rules and formed it into a question, it doesn't really matter that much. It's a question or statement of fact that should be raised over and over, despite the reality that Trump will never actually answer to it. He lies and moves on. Perhaps he can't be stopped from lying, but maybe it would be good not to let him so easily move on.

There's a double standard with Trump, where we just look at him agape as he insults people and prodigiously lies about things big and small, and yet we work ourselves into a dither when anyone pushes back at that behavior with any directness.

I am the last to call for abandoning civility, but once again we are here debating about false equivalencies. Sure, tell Acosta to work on improving his questions, but for the love of Pete, quit letting Trump off the hook for constantly lying and debasing the Office of the President. He lied about the caravan, engaged in ad hominem attacks when challenged on it, and then on his behalf, Sarah Sanders lied about the nature of the interaction as justification for removing Acosta's credentials.

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Media and Trump

I am not, in the least, suggesting that anyone let Mr. Trump or any other public official get away with lying. They should be nailed for it every time.

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The Post

I've noticed a little bit of progress at WaPo where they have been more frequently reporting Trump lies as "Without evidence, Trump..." [asserts more lies]. It's a start, given one can't assume intent without looking at the entire mosaic in context and over time.

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