Jan 23 2021
08:10 am

As reported on January 22, 2021, "Knox County Health Department workers will have administered 6,000 COVID-19 vaccines by" the end of day on January 24, 2021.

At this rate, it is estimated Knox County has averaged approx. 171 vaccines a day. This would mean that it would take 7.5 years to vaccinate all 470,000 residents of Knox County. Plus, they still have to give out the 2nd dose of the vaccine for 470,000 people.

We can only hope they are ramping up to administer a heck of a lot more vaccines in the future.

Although, according to the State of Tennessee, the state as a whole is doing better. It is reported that nearly 500,000 vaccines have been administered across the state. That would equate to approximately 14,285 vaccines a day. This would mean that it would take 1.5 years to vaccinate all 6.8 million residents of Tennessee. Then, of course, there is the second dose that has to be administered with 25 or so days of the first dose.

Wonder where the vaccines are going in the state?

Then there is this from the same WATE article, "Monroe Co. man shares vaccine experience, highlights struggles rural communities face."

It starts with figuring out how to get a vaccine.
You call phone numbers, can't get through. You try to make an appointment online, which not everyone is able to do. Then, if you do make an appointment there is not method to keep you up-to-date as to where you are in that line.

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KCHD is one part

I haven’t checked this, but I think the numbers are only for KCHD. I believe that doesn’t include the doses administered through the UT Medical Center and Covenant Health, which are the other two entities in Knox County currently receiving vaccine from the state.

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Ah, did not realize that.

Ah, did not realize that. They should be reporting numbers by county, IMO. I guess the state is reporting all numbers wherever distributed and administered.

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In theory

I like the way KCHD is switching from contact tracing to vaccine distribution. I view demand as the natural response to the way our Knox County government as a whole has screwed up our covid response.

Citizens are overwhelming the Health Departments resources because they are they entity that folks have come to trust. We're tired of being under house arrest. But, there's simply not enough vaccine to meet demand yet. We don't even know how well the KCHD system will work because it's only able to handle ten minutes of distribution before we run out of vaccine to distribute.

Simply put, we must level out demand over several provider networks.

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To me, one piece of good news

To me, one piece of good news is the high demand. It appears people aren't buying in to the Bill Gates tracking chip/mind control vaccine conspiracy theories.

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I'm finding viewing the limitations of the positive side of these problems of response infinitely more satisfying than being confronted with constant waves of negativity. At least the situations we're seeing now show signs that we will band together and move forward to positive results. Hope is better than despair.

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I've been injected with

I've been injected with needles so many times over the past few years, my body must be full of microchips and they are all fighting for control of my mind, body and soul.

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How West Virginia Became a

How West Virginia Became a U.S. Leader in Vaccine Rollout

"West Virginia has used 83 percent of its allotted vaccines, among the best in the nation. But even efficient operations face a major problem: There simply are not enough shots to go around."
"California and Rhode Island have used just 45 percent of their shots."
"West Virginia has the capacity to handle 125,000 doses a week, but is getting just 23,600. At the current pace, officials said, it could take up to five months to finish vaccinating people 65 and older, let alone younger people in the general population."
"Using your local partners and really having more control over where the vaccine is going, that’s what has been successful for West Virginia,”
"Central to West Virginia’s strategy, too, is putting the National Guard at the helm of vaccine operations."

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South High Senior Living

South High Senior Living receives first dose of COVID-19 vaccine from Mac's Pharmacy.

Early last week Mac's Pharmacy made plans to be in 15 to 16 communities over the next two days. That process will continue over the next two to three weeks.

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Mac's has access to the vaccine? This may be the best news of the process so far. Best drugstore in town.

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