Mar 20 2019
09:00 am

The Belmont Bruins have won their first NCAA tournament game.

“This is an historic night for Belmont University and our basketball program,” Byrd said postgame. “Just 48 hours ago, we didn’t know if we were gonna be in this. And I didn’t know if [seniors Dylan Windler and Kevin McClain] were gonna ever get to play in the NCAA tournament. And now they’ve got Belmont’s first win.”

Rick Byrd grew up in South Knoxville. He attended Doyle High School and was a star basketball player. Anyone who attended Doyle during those years and enjoyed basketball knew Ricky Byrd.

It's obvious Rick Byrd really wanted to be a basketball coach. In 1976, he started out at Maryville College making $5,000.00/year. Two years later he was making $8,000.00/year. Byrd started at Belmont in 1986.

Congratulations to Rick Byrd and the Belmont Bruins!

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A little more history, Rick

A little more history,

Rick Byrd's dad, Ben Byrd, was a legendary sports writer for the Knoxville Journal newspaper.

His sister Kathy was also a great basketball player in her teens. Don't know if she went on to play in college. She is doing well as Interim Vice President of Academic Affairs at Pellissippi State.

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Yes, that was a great win for

Yes, that was a great win for Rick and his Belmont team. I'd never realize that he'd never won in the tourney before last night. Rick has taken his team there many times before, so I wonder if he's never won was caused from always being a lower seeded team and having to play higher seeded teams?

My older brother played basketball with Rick while at Doyle when my brother was a Senior and I believe Rick was a Sophomore.

For several years I'd played on a team with Emmett, Rick's younger brother. Emmett is a high ranking official in NASCAR. So like their father Ben, the three siblings have become very successful in whatever field they've chosen.

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they scared the hell out of

they scared the hell out of Duke last year, it was quite a game


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I was really hoping they

I was really hoping they could have pulled that game off.

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but I gotta say, I like watching Murray State playing (despite what they did to Belmont) and Ja Morant is a joy to behold


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