Aug 27 2019
07:43 pm
By: R. Neal

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Early vote results have Mannis (40%) with a 13-14 point lead over Kincannon (26%) and Stair (27%). Close race between Midis, Parker and Thomas for the top two spots in the City Council At Large C race.

Update: precincts coming in. Kincannon chipping away at Mannis lead, Stair now in third.

Update: final results in. Mannis 37.55%, Kincannon 28.38%, Stair 26.75%. Mannis and Kincannon advance to general. Midis and Parker advance for At Large C.

Note: looks like turnout was about 19%.

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Marshall and Indya were

Marshall and Indya were obviously going after the same pool of voters.

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Seems like it. So whoever is

Seems like it. So whoever is #2 between them gets the other's votes and wins?

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Most likely outcome. But I'm

Most likely outcome. But I'm a bit surprised by these #s so what do I know?

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Mannis could get 50% + 1. It

Mannis could get 50% + 1. It would be a shocker.

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Ha. He's have to get 60% of

Nah. He's have to get 60% of today's vote. There will be a runoff.

Pretty confident Marshall would get INdya's voters. Marshall's voters are a bit harder to predict. Need to see precinct reports to be sure.

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So it's Kincannon and Mannis.

So it's Kincannon and Mannis. Can't wait to see the precinct report - will help me figure out where Stair's voters will go.

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Seems like Kincannon is a

Seems like Kincannon is a lock.

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Not necessarily. But if I

Not necessarily. But if I had to bet, I'd be on her. But then I'm the one who thought Stair was a lock for the general.

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Who benefits from better

Who benefits from better turnout in the general? Assuming it's better.

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EC finally put precinct #s

EC finally put precinct #s up. Not a surprise - the further out in the burbs you go, the more conservative voters get. But you have to look a the #s to really get an idea where Stair's voters will go. Precincts have wildly different # of voters.

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what do the shades of colors

what do the shades of colors mean, like the difference between red and orange, the difference between violet and lavender, etc.? does the strongest color in the range represent strongest support for that candidate?

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great showing by CCM!

great work from CCM going into the general, i am pleased as punch that amelia parker’s number one position in the primary (!) means that homophobic good ol’ boy bob thomas is shut out of the council :)

am glad mannis did not get more votes than he did, we have to make sure he stays out of government

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Am I right, 21% voter turnout

Am I right, 21% voter turnout in city election? Is that typical? Amazing how so many people delegate their choices for government officials to so few.

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Compass: Making appearances

Compass: Making appearances at Mannis' election night party were: U.S. Rep. Tim Burchett, County Commission Chair Hugh Nystrom, County Commissioner Carson Dailey, Circuit Court Clerk Charles Susano III, Knox County Republican Party Chair Randy Pace and Knoxville Focus publisher Steve Hunley, who has been touting Mannis in the pages of his paper.

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Eddie can't win because of Hunley

Hunley is the new Tim Hutchison in my opinion. He is such a polarizing figure that he does not get you votes, it appears to me, that he actually cost Eddie the outright win. I mean look at the telemetry

So let's look at the numbers. As we can see, we have a direct correlation. Let's look...as you can see, the more the local bumbling publisher supported Eddie Mannis and attacked Madeline Rogero the lower Eddie's numbers got. At the same time, as Indya Kincannon continued to embrace the great job that Madeline Rogero has done (not perfect but pretty solid over 8 years)the more her numbers went up and as you can see the numbers almost match exactly . Eddie went down about 8 points from ABSENTEE VOTING TO ELECTION DAY AND Indya went up about 11 during that same time period. Marshall had very little fluctuation from early voting to election Day. So why is Eddie trending down. Simple, in the beginning of Eddie's campaign he associated himself with Rogero. Towards the end he associated himself with Hunley. As we can tell by the polls Eddie is falling. Reality it appears that Hunley is so polarizing that people who were going to go out and vote for Mannis, either did not go out and vote...which would explain the low numbers. Or those that did go out to vote switched their vote to Kincannon.

Eddie cannot win as long as he has Hunley in his corner. It is really just that simple...I mean ask Bob Thomas, or anyone else Hunley has supported in recent memory.

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Ummm. IIRC, early voting

Ummm. IIRC, early voting tends Republican.

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Sorry, but I don't see Hunley as much of a factor. Opinion journalists have always had some influence on political matters, but I think it's a mistake to confuse influence with power. I learned that lesson (not that I really needed to) during my seven years as the KNS editorial page editor. Our editorials had some influence (sometimes they convinced people to do the opposite of what we advocated!), but I don't know that they ever actually moved the needle in power politics.

Hutchison had power; Hunley has some influence in Republican circles but nothing compared to what Hutchison wielded in his day.

Absentee voters tend to be older and more conservative than the electorate as a whole. It's not a surprise that they voted in larger numbers for Mannis, Bob Thomas, Janet Testerman and other candidates considered to be more establishment options than their opponents. That doesn't mean there was a shift in voter preferences as election day approached. It just means that younger voters cast their ballots during early voting and on election day, and they preferred other candidates. I can't imagine more than a few hundred even know who Steve Hunley is, much less put much stock into what he says. Same can be said for Scott Barker, of course.

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Scott I would like to refer to an article written by award winning reporter Jesse MayShark. In his great astute observation of the political landscape, he noted the backlash from the community. I did a look on Facebook and his editorial was shared on people's timeline 147 times. Think about that. 147 times...

As for early voting numbers, here is why I think they are so critical. When I was serving in Puerto Rico, I had submitted my ballot via mail. It is my theory that Eddie had the military vote. The one thing that is great about mail in votes, that you cannot change your vote! Most people who are mailing in I am going to presume sends their mail in vote early. So that it arrives on time

However. I strongly want to bring you back to Mayshark's observation.

Yesterday was Mad-at-the-Media-Monday:

A.) Members and supporters of the City Council Movement -- the progressive coalition that is supporting three candidates for City Council -- were unhappy with a column by Knoxville Focus publisher Steve Hunley. Hunley is an East Knox County Republican power broker whose influence in county government has waned in the last few years. He has recently taken a great interest in city politics, attacking the Recode Knoxville zoning update and this week publishing a column called "The Socialist Movement in Knoxville."

The column assailed the City Council Movement -- which has been a presence in city politics since 2017, when it helped elect Seema Singh to Council -- as "a ticket of socialist candidates" and alleged an affiliation between them and mayoral candidate Indya Kincannon, even though there is no relationship between the campaigns. The City Council Movement has not endorsed any mayoral candidate and Kincannon has endorsed no Council candidates.

In another inaccuracy, Hunley repeats the claim that Council candidate Amelia Parker "dropped an F-bomb" when addressing City Council several years ago, which is not true. That story circulated during Parker's last candidacy; in reality, it was another woman who shouted the copulatory curse during a Council meeting that Parker also spoke at. (Both the other woman and Parker are African American.)

In an open letter to Hunley yesterday, City Council Movement member Barbara Bridges wrote, "There are so many mistruths – let’s call them lies – in your article, Mr. Hunley, I don’t know where to begin. Your vulgar words are laced with both racism and sexism."

When any candidate associates themselves with what Jesse MayShark reported. That is not going to help your campaign.

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+1 for "copulatory curse."

+1 for "copulatory curse." Lol.

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This actually proves my point. Jesse wrote, "Hunley is an East Knox County Republican power broker whose influence in county government has waned in the last few years."

Hunley's error-filled diatribes against Recode didn't keep Council from approving it. Mannis would have gotten 40 percent of the primary vote with or without Hunley's support. The City Council Movement had a strong showing in the primary -- Amelia Parker finished first in the Seat C race -- despite Hunley's condemnation. He's Mr. Irrelevant when it comes to city politics.

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Absentee Ballots

Absentee ballots aren't predictive of overall results.

In the city primary:

Mannis got 46 percent of the absentee vote in the mayor's race but only 36.6 percent of the overall tally.

In Seat A, Fugate got 62.5 percent of the absentee ballots but 57 percent overall.

In Seat B, Testerman got 77 percent of the absentee votes but 60 percent overall.

In Seat C, Thomas got the most absentee votes (38 percent) but finished third overall with 26 percent of the vote.

The takeaway here is that absentee voters tend to opt for establishment candidates and are not indicative of the overall electorate. You certainly cannot say that the difference between absentee votes and election-day votes is proof of a shift from voters. You might get away with that talking about early voting, but not absentee ballots.

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Scott you just proved my point

You are absolutely right. However in this race we had 3 WELL ESTABLISHED CANDIDATES and the trend continued from early voting to election day.So I am agreeing with you. While this is not as solid as early voting / election day it is worth noting

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I think we are groping toward a consensus but talking past one another. I'm focusing on absentee ballots, not early voting. There was a difference between the absentee votes and the rest of the results.

And we certainly differ on our opinions of Steve Hunley's influence on city politics. You seem to think he's some sort of evil genius, while I think he's pretty much a non-factor. He's taken much more seriously by county politicians, but he doesn't seem to be in touch with most city residents.

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Most city voters do not have

Most city voters do not have a clue about Steve Hunley. Given that city voters living in the interior of Knoxville are more liberal than those on the suburbs, Mannis should try to emphasize that it is a non-partisan election and that he is a very successful moderate businessman with lots of experience in city government rather than a staunch Trump guy that pals around with only right wing nuts. It does not take a rocket scientist to figure out that Mannis is not a Trump guy from his vote for a more sensible John Kasich and then Libertarian Gary Johnson in the 2016 Presidential election. He has an uphill battle with over 60% of primary voters voting Democratic. Winning the general election is not impossible, given that he is much better qualified than his general election opponent. Hopefully he will get his message out and voters will realize that he is the best person to lead Knoxville.

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I don't think you can say Mannis is "much better qualified than his general election opponent." Kiincannon is certainly qualified by her education and experience. Voters might prefer Mannis, but they can't say Kincannon isn't qualified. Seems to me Knoxville is in good shape with its choices.

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I do think he is better

I do think he is better qualified in many ways. I think he would be able to work better with Democrats and Republicans to get things accomplished for the city. I am not sure his opponent would do the same.

It is good that city elections are non-partisan. Mannis should benefit from that fact. I think many Independents and many moderate Democrats will vote for Mannis. As former County Commissioner Mark Harmon commented a while back, if I remember correctly, he said local issues are mostly non-partisan in nature and he supported a non-partisan County Commission.

It is good that both mayoral candidates are decent and honest. I think it will be a good campaign.

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"given that he is much better

"given that he is much better qualified than his general election opponent."

In what way do you think Mannis is better qualified than his opponent?

"Mannis should try to emphasize that it is a non-partisan election and that he is a very successful moderate businessman with lots of experience in city government rather than a staunch Trump guy that pals around with only right wing nuts."

Lots of experience in city government?

Having to separate himself from Trump?

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He served as Mayor Rogero's

He served as Mayor Rogero's Chief Operating Officer. He has been very active and had a leadership role in many civic organizations across Knoxville. He has an impressive business record. He has better people skills, which is very important. His knowledge and experience and his ability to work with Democrats and Republicans make him better qualified to serve as mayor than his former BOE member opponent.

I cannot vote in the city election but given the choices I will be encouraging all of my family and friends that live in the city to vote for Mannis. If I become aware of negative information about Mannis, I could change my mind.

As to your comment about Trump,there are many voters, including me, that think supporting Trump shows a serious lack of good judgement. Good judgement is an important quality when making decisions effecting 180,000 people and managing a budget of hundreds of millions of dollars.

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libertarian ideology is dangerous

supporting gary johnson for president shows mannis is perfectly comfortable and aligned with a dangerous anarchocapitalist ideology that could wreck public investment by the city.

breaking bread with JJ, burchett, and spangler shows mannis is comfortable with violent race-baiting white ("american") nationalist politics.

whether or not a republican "supports trump" or "voted for trump" is immaterial. his choices in the 2016 election were hardly better, albeit for different reasons. his choice of friends in local politics is horrifying.

don't fall for the "run government like a business" koch/GOP ideology. we don't need someone who will butter up developers while being hostile to public investment in power.

we don't need someone in lockstep with KSCO and burchett's terrorization of knoxville's immigrant communities in power.

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You have a couple of good points,

You have a couple of good points, however most candidates for any office have to do a few things they are uncomfortable doing to get the support/endorsement/funding of influential people or else they lose. I am not saying all are corrupt but they do have to compromise a little integrity by not always saying or doing what they think is truly what they believe. Saints do not serve in elected office and if they did the result would probably be a very ineffective officeholder. Many of our best presidents have become allies with some terrible members of Congress in order to get support for some great legislative accomplishments. FDR could be very ruthless and take steps that could be seen as less than admirable in getting congress to pass Social Security, the Fair Labor Standards Act, etc. LBJ allied with some bad members of Congress to pass the Civil Right Act of 1964. Does the end justify the means? Is associating with some people you consider bad in order to get elected and do something good for Knoxville justified? That is something each voter has to decide. I have decided Mannis is best prepared to be Knoxville's mayor. I will do my best to convince over 20 voting family members and dozens of friends to vote for him.

I respect your opinion, however, most Knoxville voters do not agree with you. With your views you could not get elected to any office here, of course, neither could I. If a candidate in Knoxville took your advice, they would not have a snowball's chance of getting elected. If you set too high of a standard for candidates then you will never end up voting and having an influence on who leads our government. Democracy is about compromise and an all or nothing approach usually gets you nothing.

We can have fun expressing our opinions here because unlike the candidates, we have nothing to lose.

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Ummm. It's true that Mannis

Ummm. It's true that Mannis was the City's Chief Operating Officer. It's also true that he left that post after a year. Whether that is "lots of experience in City government" is up to each voter to decide.

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Could you tell us more about

Could you tell us more about how Mannis has "better people skills." I'm really not trying to be snarky. But a generalized claim like this always makes me wonder what's behind it.


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Kincannon has won elections

Kincannon has won elections. She was school board chair, albeit not without some controversy. She worked in the Rogero administration. She has a masters degree in public policy and planning from Princeton. Seems pretty qualified to me. But I agree with Scott Barker. There are two pretty good candidates.

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A Princeton degree in public

A Princeton degree in public policy is impressive, but that in itself does not qualify someone to be mayor. Mannis has the best background and personality to be able to work with community leaders and get things done.

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My point

My point was that both are qualified.

Mannis has business experience, experience at the highest level of city government and an obvious commitment to the community through his Honor Air initiative.

Indya has a degree from Princeton, experience with budgeting in the Arizona legislature, service on the school board and working at the highest levels of city government.

You can choose whichever one you want, but both are qualified.

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You can choose whichever one

You can choose whichever one you want, but both are qualified


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The poor judgement shown with

The poor judgement shown with her support of Superintendent Jim McIntyre should be enough to disqualify her with teachers, principals, and other staff of Knox County Schools. They had to tolerate his terrible leadership. Many were forced to retire or leave the profession because of his incompetence and unfair treatment. The BOE supporters of McIntyre share the blame This is a good example of how someone with a Princeton degree in public policy does not have the good judgement or experience to lead a city. Having a prestigious degree and being elected to the BOE tells us less about her than her bad judgement in supporting a very incompetent superintendent that was responsible for the education of almost 60,000 kids and the supervision of 8,000 employees. She should apologize to all those kids and employees that had to tolerate the many horrible mistakes of a guy that did not have a clue about education.

fischbobber's picture


To imply everything McIntyre was in error is to not judge the man fairly. Perhaps every single motive the man had was evil, but, truth be told, he had more than his fair share of cow pies stick to the barn wall. Most of the innovative ones were more good than evil.

He was a school administrator who did not understand the dynamics of a classroom as to how it related to the quality of the job he was overseeing, which was the teachers.

Mike Daugherty's picture

To give him any credit is not

To give him any credit is not being fair to the thousands of students, teachers, administrators, and other staff that his policies hurt. Five of the BOE members made a bad decision in hiring someone with basically no background in public education. Unlike any good leader that is new to a job, he did not listen to teachers, principals, and Central Office staff that had loads of experience. He was very dismissive of almost any person with experience in Knox County Schools. A good leader recognizes his/her strengths and weaknesses and tries to hire experts that compensate for their lack of knowledge in a specific area. He failed miserably in that area. He had absolutely zero empathy for the teachers and other staff he supervised. A good example was his end of year meeting with an assistant principal and colleague of mine. The meeting lasted probably less than a minute. He told Scott that he had looked over his evaluations and they were all good. However, after 8 years in his position he no longer thought he was a good fit. Scott was fired without discussion. No further explanation. No thanking Scott for his service to Knox County Schools. No human feelings for a dedicated employee like a good leader should display, nothing from the superintendent. He just turned and walked away. It shows a real lack of good judgement for a BOE member to support that kind of leadership from a superintendent. Even if a BOE member made the initial mistake of supporting an unqualified superintendent, as a paid member of the BOE that receives more than $23,000 a year plus benefits, it should be the duty of each member to take the time to visit schools on a regular basis. By visiting schools and talking to staff any reasonable BOE member should have concluded that McIntyre was failing at his job and hurting the students and educators in Knox County.

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Regarding who the votes will go to

Regarding who the votes not cast for the finalists will go to. I had assumed the majority would go to Indya, but to my surprise I’ve learned today that not everyone agrees with this assumption.

I do feel pretty certain that for Seat C, most of the votes will go to Amy Midis.

But what about new voters? Do we generally see much of an increase in turnout between the primary and the general?

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Compass has a good analysis

Compass has a good analysis of the precinct breakdown. Key takeaway: "...converting any of Stair’s supporters will not be automatic for either Kincannon or Mannis. But the field appears to be more rich with suddenly uncommitted liberal than conservative voters."

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Betty Bean: Recode vote hurt

Betty Bean: Recode vote hurt Stair, could help Mannis

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I respect Betty tremendously,

I respect Betty tremendously, but there's zero evidence Recode had an impact on Tuesday's vote, beyond just asserting it. I heard from people canvassing for assorted candidates that Recode almost never came up in conversation with voters. Mannis performed almost exactly like a normal Republican candidate in city precincts. The precincts where Recode had the most vocal opponents are also mostly precincts that trend Republican vs. the city as a whole, there's no reason to think Mannis' or Stair's performance in those places was different than it would have been without Recode. I know people who just don't like Recode want it to be a big issue in these elections, but there's no actual evidence of that I can see.

As for anyone "forcing" through a vote, people who followed Recode for the last 2 1/2 years know that it was the opposite -- it was originally going to be voted on last December or January, and got pushed back again and again for more meetings, more drafts, more public input. Far from some kind of rush job, it took a good 6 or 7 months longer than originally expected. And if it had finally gotten to the point of being ready for a vote and the mayor tried to intervene in the timing in order to possibly help one or another mayoral candidate, what would everybody be saying then? Not good things, I imagine.

The reality is, if you look at Mannis' base and his level of support, it's about exactly what you would expect. He was always everybody's favorite to make it through to the general election, because he appealed to a swath of voters who neither Indya nor Marshall were likely to convert, Recode or no Recode. So that means either Indya or Marshall was going to get cut in the primary. What made the difference there in terms of attracting more of the urban-progressive base is probably a lot of different things, but I don't think anyone would say Marshall lost votes to Indya because of Recode. It's just that only one of them was going to get through.

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My take is that Recode is

My take is that Recode is Rogero's last signature piece of business and she wanted to get it done before a new mayor and council came in and started messing with it. They could anyway, I suppose, but it will be harder now, especially with Recode fatigue setting in.

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It's not just that. A new

It's not just that. A new COuncil member would have to start from scratch. They wouldn't have been around for all the hours and hours and hours COuncil has put into it. To do that is just an inefficient use of resources and I think designed to slow walk the code until it dies.

Is the code perfect, no? Can it be amended? Yes, and will be some between now and the effective date of 1/1/20. That's the way to handle it, not going with a do-over.

And I agree that Bean is wrong. I have trouble believing there were people who wanted to vote for Marshall but didn't solely because of Recode.

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Rescind Recode

No need to start from scratch, just rescind ReCode and amend the old code as needed.

j.f.m.'s picture

Why does anyone think five

Why does anyone think five Council members who worked on Recode for two years and all voted to pass it are going to turn around and rescind it?

Joe328's picture

Recode's legal problems

It may not be up to five council members, if it ends up in court. MPC Director Gerald Green helped in drafting a new codes for Buncombe County NC which was thrown out by North Carolina Court of Appeals. Like Recode, too many changes were made in the last draft with little public notice. State lawmakers have bills scheduled for first calendar 2020 to block some of Recodes new rules.

JR01's picture

2.5 years

What you don’t understand is that it took two and a half years to pass. With a great deal of opportunity, that was very much taken, to the degree that it was delayed almost an entire year to allow more public input. This was hardly a secret from the public.

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another Hunley editorial

R. Neal's picture

Agenda 21!

Agenda 21!

michael kaplan's picture

Mr. Hunley writes:

"One glaring difference between the two mayoral candidates is their widely divergent backgrounds. Eddie Mannis grew up in a working class family, genuinely knowing what it was to do without. Indya Kincannon grew up as the privileged daughter of a career government bureaucrat who eventually was elevated to head the U. S. Census Bureau."

This, from someone who ardently supports a President who hardly knew "what it was to do without."

Rachel's picture

That's disgusting. Who gives

That's disgusting. Who gives a crap?

Mike Daugherty's picture

It is impossible for Steve

It is impossible for Steve Hunley or anybody to justify voting for our elitist President. I am still praying that the nearly 63 million misguided voters, some of them my family members and friends, that cast their ballot for Trump will see the light and not make the same mistake again.
City elections are non-partisan and most candidates in those elections would have a hard time turning down any financial or in-kind contribution to their campaigns from Republicans, Democrats or Independents. I do not agree with Steve Hunley on most state and national issues but that does not mean his support of Mannis makes Mannis unqualified. I did agree with Hunley on the need to rid Knox County Schools of an incompetent superintendent. Hunley was instrumental in Amber Rountree's election to the BOE, as well as other members. Those members were glad to have his support. His support was the difference in getting a new superintendent. Local elections should remain non-partisan. It takes a well funded campaign to be successful city-wide. Successful candidates have to appeal to Democrats, Republicans and Independents to raise funds and to get endorsements that help them garner enough votes to win. Regardless of your dislike of Hunley he has a right to support the candidate he chooses. And, just because Mannis accepts the endorsement by Hunley, that does not mean Mannis agrees with Hunley on everything. I hope that the support of Hunley and thousands of other hard working Democrats, Republicans, and Independents will result in the election of the best person to lead Knoxville for the next four years, Eddie Mannis.

Rachel's picture

If you'll recall, Amber

If you'll recall, Amber Rountree was rejected by south Knox voters for reelection.

Mike Daugherty's picture

Rountree did a great job

Rountree did a great job serving on the BOE. She deserved to be re-elected. It is a shame that the Haslams elected her opponent. Steve Hunley and a few supporters helped her, but she was let down by educators and the community. Teachers do a great job in Knox County. They do a thankless job and are underpaid. Teachers are true heroes to our children and communities. We get more bang for the buck from Knox County School teachers than most other systems in the state. However, teachers are not perfect and too many of them do not vote for candidates that support public education. Many do not vote at all and others vote against their own interests. With such low turnout in local elections, the well funded candidates have a huge advantage. The Haslam money was a big help to Rountree's opponent. Hopefully, in a city wide election, Hunley will not be the only big contributor to Mannis and unlike Rountree's unfair loss, Mannis will have enough funding to support a winning campaign,

Rachel's picture

Hey, now. South Knoxvillians

Hey, now. South Knoxvillians can think for themselves. It's insulting to all of us to say that the Haslams elected her opponent.

Mike Daugherty's picture

A well funded candidate

I did not mean to insult you. I appreciate your thoughtful opinions expressed on this site. However, I do disagree with you if you voted in the 9th district and voted against Rountree.
A well funded candidate stands a much better chance of getting elected and that is a statistical fact. Also, since voter turnout in local elections is sometimes less than 10%, it makes it a lot easier for candidates with more funding to get out their message where a candidate without adequate funding struggles to get out their message. All you have to do is look at the financial disclosures to figure Haslam and company influenced that election and others. Sometimes voters that think for themselves without researching facts about the candidates background on issues and platforms makes mistakes at the ballot box. In the 2016 Presidential election, 61% of the voters in Tennessee that thought for themselves were misguided and voted for Trump. Most of those Trump voters that thought for themselves did not have a clue about Trumps qualifications or his opinion on important issues. By thinking for themselves without the knowledge of essential facts, Tennessee voters elected an unqualified U.S.Senator and helped elect a buffoon for President.

R. Neal's picture

Kincannon's views seem to

Kincannon's views seem to reflect those of the city electorate. Mannis might be better suited for a county office.

Mike Daugherty's picture

You might be right. However,

You might be right. However, it has not been that long ago that Bill Haslam won two terms as Knoxville's mayor. Obviously, there are more liberal voters in the city than in the county, but there are still thousands of moderates and even conservatives in parts of the city. Republicans, Independents, and moderate Democrats in the city might go overwhelmingly for Mannis and give him the win. I know there are many Stair voters that will join with the 37% of voters that voted for Mannis in the primary. The campaign for Knoxville mayor should be a close one.

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Stair Voters

I think Stair voters came to vote for him because of his social policies and general views on the operation of government. It wasn't because they felt Kincannon was a bad choice, indeed, many of their proposals and goals were very close to each other, but because Stair valued people and service to those people as the primary role of government.

I voted for Stair because I thought he showed the strength of character to raise taxes, if need be. I believe Kincannon is somewhat less inclined and I think Mannis believes it will be a cold day in hell before he advocates a tax increase because he's going to put the budget before the citizens. You can't squeeze blood from a turnip and our police department is vastly underfunded and we've gotten about as far as we can go with outsourcing and cuts without hurting our economic base.

Don't get me wrong, Rogero's done an outstanding job and we may not ever have another Mayor that combines an innate ability to understand the pulse of her constituents , the present and future needs and goals of our community and an economic plan to make it come together.

But Kincannon is clearly the superior candidate in this election and you know that Mike. And you should be ashamed of yourself for jumping ship for thirty pieces of silver. The primary role of government is to serve the citizenry. Taxes are the secondary issue. Mannis has it ass-backwards. Read Article One of the US Constitution. Government is about people, not money.

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The election is non-partisan,

The election is non-partisan, as it should be. Most issues that City Council, County Commission, both mayors, and other elected offices such as judgeships deal with are non-partisan in nature. I think many candidates over the years that were Democrats have ran as Republicans because they knew they did not have a chance of winning in Knox County or in some Republican areas of Knoxville if they ran as a Republican. I am not saying Mannis is really a Democrat. I am saying I think Mannis is a moderate minded person that will be willing to compromise and get things done. He has proven to be a good businessman and that is very helpful in understanding the business community in Knoxville. He has served in mayor Rogero's administration as Chief Operating Officer which gives him another experience at understanding city government. He has been very active in many worthwhile civic organizations. I think his moderate views and his ability to work better with Democrats, Republicans, and Independents gives him the edge in being better qualified for Mayor of Knoxville.
I think his opponent is a decent an honest community leader and I respect her passion for her ideas and for willingness to serve in elected office. I think she would struggle to work with Republicans and Independents that do not share her very liberal philosophy. I probably agree with her on many issues. The problem sometimes with people on the far left or far right is that they cannot compromise to accomplish something good for their community. It is all or nothing, which usually means nothing.
In making my case against Mannis's opponent, I have to mention her support of Superintendent McIntyre. That was a huge mistake in judgement. I taught for over 30 years in Knox County. I know the terrible damage 8 years of McIntyre's leadership did to our kids, educators, and staff. Her support for McIntyre is inexcusable.
Nope, not ashamed at all. I am proud of my beliefs and being passionate about them. Do I make mistakes sometimes, no doubt, but until someone can prove Mannis is not qualified, I will continue to support him. I will also continue to support Democrats at the state and national level in most elections, however, to go against the best qualified person to serve as mayor because he is a Republican in a non-partisan election does not make sense. He is the best candidate and I cannot vote for him because I am outside the city but I am confident I can recruit him some votes from my family, teacher friends, and other reasonable people that recognize her lack of good judgement and his good qualification


michael kaplan's picture

The local branch of United

The local branch of United Campus Workers union (UCW-CWA) met on September 7 to consider endorsement of a candidate for mayor. They had sent out a questionnaire to each candidate asking her/him to state their positions on Living Wages for All Working People, Stopping Privatization of Public Jobs and Services, Union Rights and Workers' Rights, and "Anything Else We Should Know." While Ms Kincannon and Mr. Stair provided detailed and thoughtful answers, Mr. Mannis (along with 3 other primary candidates) did not respond.

bizgrrl's picture

Interesting. Wonder if he had

Interesting. Wonder if he had an explanation as to why he declined to respond. Lost in the mail? My dog ate it? Does he also believe higher education is a waste of money? Maybe he doesn't see how questions from the UCW relates to a city election.

Rachel's picture

I suspect he didn't bother

I suspect he didn't bother cause he didn't expect to get those votes anyway.

bizgrrl's picture

I agree. Too bad he ignores

I agree. Too bad he ignores this important aspect of our community.

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Can you make available the

Can you make available the responses from Kincannon and Stair?

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The responses are on an

The responses are on an internal document, and you'd have to ask the UCW for their release.

Maybe he doesn't see how questions from the UCW relates to a city election.

That's interesting. I know groups and individuals approached both city council and county commission for a resolution opposing UT outsourcing which would have affected local jobs and the local economy. I believe Evelyn Gill sponsored one at commission which passed, but city council, as I recall, did not act.

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Sorta inconsistent

I think she would struggle to work with Republicans and Independents that do not share her very liberal philosophy.

I have to mention her support of Superintendent McIntyre.

So, which is it?

Bi-partisan politics is sausage making. McIntyre's day to day personnel management did a tremendous amount of damage. He was one of the worst people, and people related issues managers I've ever seen. But, his full budgets were never approved by county commission and he always screwed the teachers and personnel first.

But that's not really what a school board member oversees, is it? As a direct result of her foresight, Knoxville has a STEM School, a FULL IB program, struggling to be properly staffed, granted, but county commission is still starving the beast when it comes to funding, Magnet Schools and community schools. She was a strong advocate of virtually every positive the school system was involved in, and, like it or not, that's how reaching across the aisle works. You don't get everything you want, and had she not worked with McIntyre what was accomplished would likely be less.

In addition, we have an extremely liberal transfer policy which allows students access to the schools that best fit their needs. I kinda paid attention when my kids were in school.

You're misrepresenting her time on the school board and holding her accountable for the superintendents day to day management rather than the big picture items the board oversees.

That's sorta unethical, don't you think?

Mike Daugherty's picture

As a member of the BOE

As a member of the BOE Kincannon voted to hire McIntyre in 2008. Her vote resulted in a 5-4 vote for McIntyre over Bob Thomas. She did not have to compromise to make that judgement. There were several other more qualified educators that were available to hire for that position including Thomas and Donna Wright. They had years of experience as supervisors in the school system. They knew the principals, assistant principals, and administrative staff that ran Knox County Schools and they knew the strengths and weaknesses of these administrators. They knew how to put together an administrative staff at each school that complemented each administrators strengths. They had the experience that was needed. Kincannon had the poor judgement to hire a superintendent that had none of the expertise of the others. She helped bring in a guy that was too arrogant to recognize the strengths of other educators and try to gain needed experience by listening and learning from them. She hired someone with poor leadership skills that had no empathy for teachers, educational assistants, custodians, etc. He had no desire to gain the people skills needed to be an effective superintendent. Not only did she hire him, being a deciding fifth vote, she continued to support him and his horrible policies. That is not the type of leadership Knoxville needs. Bob, you know she displayed her bad judgement of people in her hiring and supporting McIntyre. This is a non-partisan election but you cannot bring yourself to support a Republican that you know would have better judgement than to hire Jim McIntyre. That is one reason why you supported Stair. I think you would agree that local elections should be non-partisan because local issues are by in large not Republican issues or Democratic issues. You know that Kincannon will struggle to compromise and work with Republicans and Independents to get things done for Knoxville. The bottom line is you cannot stand to vote for a person that shares the same party as Donald Trump. A party that is in denial and does not have the guts to stand up to an immoral and evil President that is responsible for the suffering and deaths of many. I suppose you should not be ashamed if that is the reason for not supporting Mannis, just admit you cannot stand Republican politicians and you are not going to vote for them.

fischbobber's picture

McIntyre was a gamble.

The BOE was not going to hire Donna Wright. She was doomed to be thrown under the bus from day one.

Thomas was every bit the gamble McIntyre was.

If we all could see down the road and read tea leaves, Trump would not have been elected, and for all his faults, McIntyre did do some heavy lifting when it came to structuring and implementing the programs I mentioned. Before he was hired, McIntyre looked good on paper. Once he was hired, you work with what you have.

What evidence do you have that Mannis had better sense than to hire McIntyre?Why would I elect someone who would take this city backwards on labor, LGBT issues, parks and infrastructure. This whole "run government like a business" philosophy that Mannis exposes has been a massive failure at every level it's been implemented. Why would I vote for someone who espouses a proven failing philosophy? Geez Mageez, the guy didn't last a year working for Rogero, who was the most cost-effective and responsive mayor I've known in Knoxville. What evidence of his tenure in her administration would lead me, or anyone for that matter, to the conclusion that he is the candidate to move this city forward? Because that's where his public service record lies.

And you're right about Donna Wright. In retrospect, not hiring her was the biggest mistake the BOE has made in thirty years.

Mike Daugherty's picture

I am listening. What evidence

I am listening. What evidence do you have that Mannis would be anti-labor besides not showing for a labor council endorsed interview? What evidence can you give that he is against parks and infrastructure. Lots of candidates say they are against taxes because if they say up front they are for a tax increase they are doomed. Anti-LGBT, come on, where did you get that? I would like solid facts not just your opinion. Also, while you are at it, could you list some of Kincannon's accomplishments? Try to convince me. I said I supported Mannis until somebody could show me he was not the best qualified. Only a fool never changes his/her mind, but if you change your my easily then you have no beliefs or passion about anything.

Treehouse's picture

Geez Mageez

"You know that Kincannon will struggle to compromise and work with Republicans and Independents to get things done for Knoxville."

I see the opposite problem. I think Mannis will struggle to compromise and work with Democrats and Independents to get things done for Knoxville. I am afraid he will reinstall the Good Old Boys network and surround himself with development folks who think government should be run like a business.

fischbobber's picture

O.K. You got me to his web site.

It's pretty slick and long on hyperbole, but a little short on actual proposals.

He has established a record of working with the wealthy.

I'm not wealthy.

Nowhere in his business experience does he endorse a living wage, which is the single biggest issue affecting workers in this city, in fact, he intimates that he may well look the other way when businesses do something less than ethical in regards to wages in order to attract them to our city.

His web site is all frosting, no cake. It's warm and fuzzy and all, but it's basically Trump's campaign run by a nice guy. Mannis is not the evil lizard man, he's just not the best candidate.

Mike Daugherty's picture

Making a living wage

Making a living wage mandatory for every worker in the U.S.should be a priority. The rich in America are getting richer at the expense of the working women and men in our country. Mannis did not start with a silver spoon. He worked very hard to become successful.
Being associated with wealthy people is not a sin. Face the facts, wealthy people have enabled many well intentioned politicians to be successful in helping working folks in many ways. Wealthy Presidents have been responsible for much good in America. Rich guy FDR signed into law a multitude of legislation including Social Security, the Fair Labor Standard Act, which started the first federal minimum wage, and the Wagner Act which helped union workers organize. Working with the wealthy is not all bad if you are working to help hard working women and men and their families.
Has Mannis said he does not support a living wage? What are examples of Mannis being like Trump? You have not mentioned any accomplishments or plans of his opponent that would make her more qualified. Mostly you have expressed your opinion of Mannis without many facts to support. I admit I do not know much about the platform of either candidate. I have looked without success to find information about their ideas and plans. Seems like both of us could use more information to strengthen our arguments.

fischbobber's picture


"Seems like both of us could use more information to strengthen our arguments."

I'd say that about sums it up.

Mike Daugherty's picture

You are funny and twisted but

You are funny and twisted but I think your heart is in the right place. It would be good to meet and talk to both candidates and then I could trust my gut. I am not sophisticated enough to have that chat with a VIP, I suppose, but I will do more research so I can feel more comfortable with my opinion.

fischbobber's picture

Living wages and health insurance.

Does Mannis pay a living wage and provide health insurance to his private sector employees?

What is his position on outsourcing?

What is his position on the city keeping current city employees on the payroll, providing a living wage, health insurance and retirement plans?

michael kaplan's picture

Good questions that have

Good questions that have (wisely?) not been answered. FYI a living wage for a single person in Knoxville is calculated at $10.43/hour.

fischbobber's picture


I think it's probably a stretch to market Mannis as Knoxville's FDR, don't you think?

Do you really believe he's going to institute a progressive property tax?

Mike Daugherty's picture

You are twisting what I said.

You are twisting what I said. I am not saying he is an FDR. You commented "He has established a record of working with the wealthy." "I'm not wealthy." You are implying that working with somebody that is wealthy makes a person unqualified for office and that being wealthy is a disqualifier for being able to do good for working families. I pointed out that FDR was wealthy and that he did a lot of good for millions. How in the hell did you twist that into saying I was comparing Mannis to FDR?. You sound like Julian Castro in the Democratic debate just making up bs.

You could not give one accomplishment of Mannis's opponent. You cannot give one good reason why you think he is the best qualified candidate. You said he was against parks and recreation. Where is your proof? You said he was anti-LBGT. Give and example or explanation. You are not being objective and you are throwing bs out there like a Trump supporter. You can do better than that. You should be ashamed of yourself!
You voted for Stair in the primary, and you have lots of reservations about Knicannon's judgement and priorities. You do not like Mannis. and cannot make a logical argument why you do not think he is qualified. Despite your previous reservations, you now support Kincannon and you cannot give any examples of her accomplishments or any good examples of her qualifications. You do admit she had bad judgement in hiring Superintendent McIntyre who did a poor job supervising our schools which educate nearly 60,000 kids.

fischbobber's picture

Kincannon's accomplishments

Kincannon was a primary driver in the push for community schools. Are you familiar with the project?

I don't have reservations about Kincannon's judgement or priorities. I simply think she would be less inclined than Stair to push for a needed tax increase.I also think she would be more inclined than Mannis which makes her a far superior candidate.

I didn't Mannis was anti-LGBT, I said he would take the city backwards on LGBT issues. In other words, he's not pro-LGBT issues.. He seems to feel silent ambivalence is a position on the issue. I find that puzzling, no wait, actually I don't. He's pandering to the far right in order to not lose votes and I consider that sort of stance on the issue to be a character flaw in any politician.

I don't think he will give parks and recreation or sidewalks, or greenways, or living wages and raises for city employees their due consideration? Why? Because of the way he dances around those issues.

He has remained silent on Trump, despite the FACT that Trump has established himself as a fascist. His silence is troubling and frankly I'm disturbed by the base he is trying to build. What don't you understand about silence against injustice is the moral equivalent of endorsement of said injustice?

Finally, you always struck me as politically savvy enough to know when to take the high road and when to go low. Why the change? What gives?

Mike Daugherty's picture

That was much better on

That was much better on specifics. I do not know if you are right on the points you have made. If you are actually correct, I would be far less likely to support him. I do not dislike Kincannon personally. I think she was a decent and honest lady. And I admire almost anyone that is willing to sacrifice their time for public service. I am passionate about education issues and that is my biggest problem with Kincannon, her lack of judgement while she served on the BOE. If you could recommend sites that I could go to find information about both candidates, that would be good. I looked at Mannis's web page and it said nothing really about issues. Thanks for listening.

Rachel's picture

Mike, We get it. You like


We get it. You like Mannis. But your long posts are getting less and less useful to your case.

And no, Eddie isn't Trump. He doesn't even like Trump. But like many other Republicans, he's willing to hang out with and get support from people who do. People can make their own judgements about that.

Mike Daugherty's picture

Sorry about that Rachel. With

Sorry about that Rachel. With lots of Republican family and friends I do not talk politics around them. I reckon I do get carried away here. I will try to limit myself to maybe 3 or 4 sentences in the future.

fischbobber's picture

One more thing

The more you write, the more it sounds like you have a personal vendetta against Kincannon. And that's o.k. Knoxville politics is full of personal vendettas and backstabbing.

But your vendetta against Kincannon is a separate issue from who is the best candidate for Mayor.

I've heard it said the Kincannon will be Rogero II while Mannis will be Haslam II and I think that may be a valid comparison, but, Rogero was a way better Mayor than Haslam.

Mike Daugherty's picture

Vendetta against Kincannon? I

Vendetta against Kincannon? I would feel the same if Sam Anderson, Dan Murphy, Karen Carson, Thomas Deakins, Doug Harris or Tracie Sanger were running for mayor of Knoxville. Knox County Schools accounts for over 62% of Knox County's budget and we need someone we trust making the decisions about that kind of money.To have the bad judgement of supporting Jim McIntyre as superintendent despite him making horrible decisions effecting over 58,000 kids, 8,000 employees, and millions of dollars is inexcusable and makes all of them unqualified.

fischbobber's picture

Dead Horse

Do you think your dead horse will get up and run if you keep beating it?

fischbobber's picture

Pretty good candidates

I believe it was Scott Barker who earlier mentioned that we have two decent candidates. I agree.

As Republicans go, I've certainly seen worse than Mannis, and he appears to be a centrist. But so did Bill Lee and he's turning out to be a right-wing nut job. I know guilt by association is wrong, but the little voice in the back of my head is asking me how many times I'm willing to be burned.

As Democrats go Indya runs to the progressive side of the party and has shown herself to be politically savvy.

Knoxville has plenty of issues. We'll see how this plays out as each candidate outlines their positions on these issues.

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