Aug 1 2019
11:50 am

Charlotte Is Starting To Regret Hosting Trump’s Renomination Convention. The Charlotte city "council went so far as to discuss the possibility of backing out of the agreement, but ultimately decided against it after the city attorney said trying to do so would incur big legal bills and would almost certainly end with a judge requiring the city to host Trump’s convention, anyway."

From the Cincinnati Enquirer, "Don't turn Trump rally into an embarrassment." "We're asking you, Mr. President, your supporters and your detractors to set a new example for presidential visits. Setting an example not only includes people at the rally or protesting it, but those commenting about it on social media."

The there was Mayor De Blasio last week, "Trump 'will not be welcome back in New York City.'"

calloway1972's picture

What a hilariously juvenile

What a hilariously juvenile thing to do.

Why do you people keep giving Trump reelection talking points ?

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Tim Burchett, threatening transphobic violence on talk radio

right now, tim burchett is on the air on 92.3FM
when asked by a caller about the threat "socialism" poses to "american values", he starts off by rambling about "the LGBTA+1" (explicitly making fun of acronym) and threatens violence against trans people while simultaneously implying queer people are pedophiles: "if a man in a dress walks in the restroom with my little girl, we are going to have a problem"

Alex_Falk's picture

speaking of american fascism

there have now been two ethno-nationalist / fascist mass shootings in the US this week

meanwhile, Tim Burchett is sponsoring a bill to "unmask anti-fascists"

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