Jan 20 2011
06:31 pm
By: Sandra Clark

Knoxville's first council member with a ponytail. -- s.

R. Neal's picture

Wow. The Bill Young

Wow. The Bill Young endorsement wins the day!

Bbeanster's picture

So Clark, you'd rather have

So Clark, you'd rather have the short-haired Bill Rolen?

And what's up with Brenda Palmer? I had a premonition that she'd go for Rolen...

Rachel's picture

Ok, Bean, you can "bean" me

Ok, Bean, you can "bean" me for this - but what's up with Nick Pavlis? He voted for Rolen on almost every round.

Bbeanster's picture

Was that an "elbow,"

Was that an "elbow," Rachel?
Actually Pavlis voted for Joe Burchfield at first, only switching to Rolen after Burchfield was eliminated.
He finally voted for Thomas after Roddy did, becoming his 6th vote.
I have no idea why Pavlis voted the way he did, and I didn't much care for it.

Rachel's picture

Sort of a good-humored

Sort of a good-humored elbow.

And he didn't vote exactly as you said. Pavlis voted for Burchfield on the first 2 rounds, then switched to Rolen and stuck there except for the 5th round, when he voted for Burchfield again. He did vote for Thomas on the last round, when the choice was between Thomas and "pass."

Maybe Nick and Brenda just like fountains? :)

But seriously, can somebody else who watched this tell me what was up with the fountain advocacy?

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Like we dig James Agee!

In the Fort, we dig Agee.

So like we had to dig a dude for Council that digs Agee.

U dig?

But I'm still cool with Brother Pavlis.

Because Councilman Pavlis has worked hard for the Fort!

We had a problem on Laurel Avenue & Nick Pavlis was hands
on..working with the landlord & KPD.

We had a problem with a local grocer on 18th Street & Nick
Pavlis was hands on..working with the shop owner.

Over the Christmas holiday..Nick Pavlis was at an event
on Highland Avenue..working with the Fort Neighborhood folks.

I'm a friend & supporter of Councilman Pavlis!

In fact our first campaign event for the 2009 campaign
was at Laurel High School...July of 2008.

Our second event was at a 2009 winter porch party, across from Laurel Theater..& if memory serves me Councilman Thomas was there!

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Tell us more

Tell us more.
16 ballots!

Rachel's picture

At one point the vote was 4-4

At one point the vote was 4-4 for Thomas and Rolen. Srsly? And I mean - srsly? They were voting for a platform of fountains?

Congrats to Charlie; he's do a fine job.

Rachel's picture

BTW, was there anybody

BTW, was there anybody Marilyn Roddy DIDN'T vote for?

Sandra Clark's picture

just sayin'

It was a bit amusing to watch Republicans Joe Bailey and Marilyn Roddy and Nick Pavlis and Nick Della Volpe pick between two Democrats. No wonder it took 16 ballots. -- s.

Rachel's picture

I do so wish we could keep

I do so wish we could keep partisan politics out of local elections. Local issues really don't cut along partisan lines, and I find the tribal stuff tiresome.

bill young's picture

Vote Breakdown?

Who were Charlie's 5 votes?

Rachel's picture

Grieve voted for him on every

Grieve voted for him on every round, I think. Della Volpe & Brown voted for him or Eason on every round. Chris stuck with Eason until she was eliminated, then switched to Thomas.

So he had 4 votes till Marilyn changed her vote to Thomas. I stopped keeping a tally after the 8th round, but by that point she had also voted for Williams, Burchfield, and Rolen.

EDIT: I think Brown voted for Williams on one round, but mostly he stuck with Eason or Thomas.

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and Clark, hard as it may be

and Clark, hard as it may be to imagine it, Democrats actually WIN in this district (see Bob Becker), so it's not so odd that there were several of them to choose from among the candidates. The only clearly identified Republican was Joe Burchfield.

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What Bean said.

What Bean said.

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How many people vote in Ft.

How many people vote in Ft. Sanders?

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10-N Ward (Fort Sanders School) had 67 total votes in the 2009 City Regular Election.

However, Governor Haslam, State Represenative Joe Armstrong, State Represenative Harry Tindell, County Commissioner Sam McKenzie, Councilman Nick Pavlis, Councilman Charles Thomas, Councilman Chris Woodhull, Former Mayor Randy Tyree, Former County Commission Chair Tank Strickland, Former Vice-Mayor Bob Becker, Former City Councilman Barbra Pelot, Former Councilman Joe Hultquist, the late Councilman Danny Mayfield, Former County Commisioner Frank Bowden & Former County Commissioner & Future Mayor Madeline Rogero have all campaigned in the Fort.

Don't know what it is about our little ole 67 votes that brings 'em here..but I'm tellin' ya..they sure do show up!

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I took a little bit of a look

I took a little bit of a look at some of the politics behind the vote.

Rachel's picture

Interesting analysis. I look

Interesting analysis. I look forward to the "more on that later" part. :)

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Thinking about this some more

Thinking about this some more today. The 5th district elected Bob Becker twice. Charlie is about as close to Bob Becker as you can get. So his appointment DOES seem appropriate.

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I thought it took 5 votes..I was wrong.

Rebecca Ferrar, January 21st Knoxville News Sentinal, reported:

"It took 6 votes to get appointed" to City Council.

I thought it took 5 votes.I was wrong.

Who cast the deciding 6th vote?

Pam Strickland's picture



bill young's picture


Pam, thanks for the info on Pavlis's 6th vote for Charlie.

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The charter requires 6 votes.

The charter requires 6 votes. However, since they started dropping the lowest vote-getter, by the time they got to round 16 the only choices were "Thomas" or "pass." Pavlis went with Thomas. Palmer & Bailey passed, then changed their votes just before the totals were announced.

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