May 9 2019
09:13 am
By: R. Neal

In case you've been away on vacation to Mars or something, here's a roundup of the TNGOP House Speaker Casada scandal:

Cari Wade Gervin: Did Glen Casada (or his chief of staff) submit false evidence to the Nashville D.A.?: it’s also hard to imagine that an attorney would misread a Feb. 25 timestamp as March 1 and then subsequently file a motion based on it. Which means that someone — almost certainly either Cothren or Casada — possibly sent falsified evidence to the D.A.’s office in an attempt to get Jones’ bond revoked. And presenting knowingly false evidence to a court is a crime.

NewsChannel5: Did House Speaker's office attempt to frame activist? DA asks for special prosecutor to investigate: An exclusive NewsChannel 5 investigation has uncovered new evidence - including racist text messages - that raise questions about the Speaker's $200,000-a-year chief of staff, Cade Cothren.

NewsChannel5: TN House Speaker's chief of staff admits past drug use, confirms text messages: Tennessee House Speaker Glen Casada’s chief of staff has admitted to using illegal drugs – including snorting cocaine in his legislative offices – in response to text messages obtained by NewsChannel 5 Investigates.

Tennessean: Rep. Glen Casada, Cade Cothren sent sexually explicit text messages about women: House Speaker Glen Casada’s top aide has a history of sending sexually explicit text messages and making inappropriate advances toward former interns, lobbyists and campaign staffers, according to documents obtained by the USA TODAY Network - Tennessee.

Williamson Herald: House speaker chief of staff Cothren resigns; Casada implicated in sexually explicit texts: House Speaker Glen Casada’s chief of Staff Cade Cothren resigned Monday following the release of sexually explicit texts messages, including soliciting sex from women working in the legislature, according to a May 6 report by The Tennessean. Cothren has also been accused of altering emails to incriminate an activist and admitted to several publications that he sent derogatory racial texts as well as used illegal drugs at the capitol.

NewsChannel5: House Speaker knew text messages were authentic, secret recording reveals: A secret recording reveals that House Speaker Glen Casada knew that damning text messages obtained by NewsChannel 5 Investigates were authentic - even as he went on the attack, accusing the station of fabricating the story.

Tennessean: White noise machines installed in Glen Casada's office; ex-aide eavesdropped on meeting rooms: Tennessee has learned the Williamson County Republican has: a white noise machine system inside and outside his legislative office, allowed his now former chief of staff to eavesdrop on committee rooms, and caused concern among some lawmakers, leading at least three to have or plan to have their offices checked for recording devices.

Tennessean: Some Republicans call for Speaker Casada to resign: During a remarkable Wednesday afternoon conference phone call with members of the House Republican caucus, Speaker Glen Casada faced a call for his resignation and questions about his ability to continue serving. Rep. Bill Dunn, R-Knoxville, who is Casada's immediate successor, called for Casada to resign while others in the 73-member caucus questioned whether the speaker can survive the current scandal.

Nashville Public Radio: Casada Attempts Damage Control, Issuing Apology And Promising Diversity Training: House Speaker Glen Casada issued a written apology Wednesday for a series of racist and sexist texts between him and a top aide and put out an "action plan" meant to restore trust in his office — all in an effort to head off a serious challenge to his leadership.

Other coverage: CNN, Washington Post, New York Times, Daily Beast, Huffington Post

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Why didn't anyone follow up for two months on my original reporting?


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We have our own little Trump.

We have our own little Trump. Aren't we special?

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