Jun 2 2019
03:35 pm

Tennessee House Speaker Glen Casada is using your money to pay Scott Alan Buss $53,000 a year to help influence state policy.

A YouTube video discovered by NewsChannel 5 Investigates shows Buss arguing that public schools are a satanic plot.

"A system built on that foundation cannot be repaired," Buss said. "It is irreparable. It can't be fixed. It can't be saved. It has to be torn down."

He also publishes a blog called Fire Breathing Christian...

Yeehaw! We got us some absurdly ridiculous people working in Tennessee state government.

R. Neal's picture

If by "absurdly ridiculous"

If by "absurdly ridiculous" you mean "dangerously unhinged," well, yeah.

Alex_Falk's picture

you’re both right!

you are both correct!
i would add that these views, though not always expressed so plainly, are absolutely within the mainstream of the TNGOP / GOP.

Joe328's picture

Tax Funded Lobbyist

I have watched our state lawmakers in session on PBS and was surprised at how many of our laws are sponsored by government employees using tax funded lobbyist. This abuse is common for both parties and it need to stop.

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