Jul 10 2019
09:43 am

Here's a play by play...

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Culture Warrior.

american-conservative-christianity is nothing less than a fascistic death cult
and tim is nothing more than one of that cult's culture warriors

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five minutes....

There's 5 minutes I won't get back. Tim's embarrassing himself, his family and his community. He needs to start representing his constituents and quit trying to be everyone's favorite bigot.

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I sort of thought the same

I sort of thought the same thing. I did not even understand why he bothered doing a virtual town hall. I guess it "keeps him in touch" with his people. Does it help anyone? Will he have action items afterward?

The answers to veterans questions were sad.

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Tim is proving he is a real

Tim is proving he is a real loser. He has said many times that he is a big supporter of veterans. When Trump attacked American war hero John McCain and caused much pain to McCain's family, Tim did not have the courage to speak up and criticize him. Tim is never critical of Trump no matter all of his lies, corruptness, or immorality. Trump supporters are either racist or ignorant. Tim is not ignorant.Tim is Trump's boy and he has lost the respect of decent and reasonable people here and in Congress. I hope he will change his ways and make his parents proud by standing up to our corrupt President, otherwise Tim will continue to be a big failure!

DCROSS1968's picture

Town Hall

Ok so let me get this straight. If Congressman Burchett doesn't represent far left radical ideas he is a bigot and a cult culture warrior. That is very fascinating. I think the congressman is one of the few that cares in Washington. I think doing a virtual town hall is a good idea. It allows people who otherwise may not get to participate a chance to.

Alex_Falk's picture

not at all!

my evaluation of tim’s status as a reactionary culture warrior can be easily performed while ignoring the fact that his politics are not structured around a critique of the capitalist mode of production. i did not mention anything about left politics in my comment — so not sure where you get that from.

fischbobber's picture

No one was talking about what Tim doesn't represent.

We were talking about how Tim represents himself. Tim presented himself as a bigot. It had nothing to do with any group he disassociates with.

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