Sep 27 2019
11:26 am
By: michael kaplan

In a 6-minute interview broadcast yesterday (September 26) on NPR, Burchett calls the impeachment investigation a "three-ring circus."

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Yeah, and the three rings are

Yeah, and the three rings are the House Intelligence, Judiciary and Oversight committees. And they will have a parade of Trump administration clowns and contortionists performing. And the committee chair ringmasters aren't clowning around.

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And they seem to have

And they seem to have recruited "Yes M'am" Burchett as one of their spokespersons from the heartland.

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hold on...

So Burchett who railed against ex lawmen who were digging dirt on political family members (his stepson) is now totally cool for an ex prosecutor (Rudy) trying to dig up dirt on a politician's son. OK terrific!

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Democrats are starting to

Democrats are starting to look like stalkers.

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Former Republican Senator

Former Republican Senator Jeff Flake, who has been in a position to communicate and understand the Republican members of the Senate,said that he was sure that if a vote to remove Trump was taken in private that at least 35 Republican Senators would vote to remove him. With those 35 it would make 82 votes in the Senate for conviction, more than the 67 needed.

Early in the Watergate investigation only 19% of Americans polled said that they supported impeaching Nixon. By the summer of 1974, when the public was given more information, a clear majority supported impeachment and removal. That movement in public opinion convinced the overwhelming majority of Republicans to support Nixon's removal. After this week's revelation of Trump's illegal acts, public opinion's support of impeachment has already gone up significantly. If public polling begins to show more people supporting impeachment the Republicans in the Senate will change their tune.

It would be great if Congress had enough guts to do the right thing and remove the President and allow the courts to convict him for his illegal acts and put him in prison.

If it becomes a foregone conclusion that Trump will be removed, the crook could try to plea bargain with Congress and resign to avoid going to jail. That might not be a terrible compromise for the Republicans. If he resigned before the primary election season maybe some actually qualified Republican candidates could compete in the primaries and both parties could nominate a qualified candidate. That would allow the country to start repairing all the terrible damage Trump has inflicted on our citizens and the world and your stalkers would be American heroes!

Burchett is a huge disappointment for Knoxville area residents. I do not agree with most of his political views but I thought maybe he would have the guts to do the moral thing and stand up for his constituents and criticize Trump's immoral actions. Of course, after all his talk about supporting veterans and then not speaking out against Trump's treatment of American war hero John McCain, we should not be surprised by his gutless actions. He has become a real loser!

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He has become a real

He has become a real loser!

Which means perinneal winner for as long as he wants that seat, given the voters of East TN. Which also means a lot of us are unrepresented.

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It is very unlikely that we

It is very unlikely that we will have a member of Congress that will stand up for the interests of the citizens of East Tennessee in our lifetime. The majority of voters of East Tennessee will continue to be misguided by representatives that work against public education, quality healthcare for everyone, and a living wage for all workers.

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Audie Cornish did a good job.

Audie Cornish did a good job. Wouldn't let him get away with some of the Republican talking points.

Burchett doesn't care what deeds Giuliani does for the president. He's a lawyer after all.

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Burchett’s use of ‘ma’am’ 12

Burchett’s use of ‘ma’am’ 12 times in a 6-minute interview seemed to be not just good manners, but an attempt to put Cornish ‘in her place’ as an ‘elite,’ compared to Burchett’s pose as a populist.

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That "aw shucks" thing that

That "aw shucks" thing that Burchett does just gets on my nerves.

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I sent a pretty harsh email

I sent a pretty harsh email to him telling him I am disappointed in him and that he does not need to be a lemming for the GOP. I know this won't bother him either way but we need to let him know. If you have not emailed him then do. If enough people do, he just might get a spine. But I doubt it.

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So, Hunter Biden was earning

So, Hunter Biden was earning $50,000 per month sitting on the board of Burisma? Not good ...

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yeah, i was pointing out the biden family's "in plain sight" nepotism / conflict of interest / corruption on a previous thread here -- while also pointing out that there's no evidence that the US/international pressure to fire viktor shokin had anything to do with blocking investigations of burisma or hunter biden's position there.

the innuendo that this was the case may to have been invented after-the-fact in ukraine as a deliberate attempt to titilate the current US administration: "ukrainian prosector may have fed giuliani altered information"

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Irony is dead

The Trump sons (and daughter and SIL) skirt ethics laws further every time Biden's son is mentioned. (link...)

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Burchett hosts town hall meeting

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elect a clown

expect a circus

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From Steve Hunley's latest editorial in The Knoxville Focus:

If Tim “dadgumit” Burchett has a white whale he obsessed about it was selling the Andrew Johnson Building. This quest has been passed on to our current Knox County Mayor Glenn Jacobs. When then Mayor Tim Burchett went on the road to sell this ambitious and doubtful project it sounded like the ‘greatest idea’ since giving out PILOTS (payment in lieu of taxes) and TIFS (tax increment financing) to get developers to rehab and build buildings in downtown Knoxville. This was going to be a good deal for taxpayers. Dadgumit.


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Matt Tiabbi talks sense again

Matt Tiabbi talks sense again (so you might not want to look)

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