In deep-red Tennessee, Republicans are anxious about the U.S. Senate race: “It’s not about Brett Kavanaugh, it’s about the raw power of the Democratic Party ... the meanness the Democratic Party will go to, to put one of their own” on the Supreme Court, Brian Hornback, chair of the Center City GOP in Knoxville, said at a recent committee meeting at a local chain restaurant in Knoxville.

Hey, Brian: Merrick Garland.

(What is a "Center City GOP" anyway?)

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New branding

for the Truth Squat.

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"Center City GOP"

Hornback's from Farragut - not quite the "Center City"... sounds like a made up organization he founded.

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Lol. They apparently have a


They apparently have a facebook page. So, legit!

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From Brian' blog: it's what

From Brian' blog: it's what he does!

So when the calls began about the Drudge Report mention of this Washington Post story, I wasn’t shocked. I mean BrianHornback.Com has been in operation for more than 14 years. So, being a source for the National Media is no surprise. It’s what I do.

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What's funnier (sadder?)

What's funnier (sadder?) about all this is that Hornback appears to have passed himself off as "chair" of some GOP "committee" and some WaPo reporter seemed to get the impression it was some official party apparatus, like the Knox Co. GOP, even though it was a few people gathering at Shoney's.

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"Meanness of the Democratic

"Meanness of the Democratic Party." Hah hah. That's like Susan Collins today talking about how the mean ole Democrats had treated Dr. Ford badly.

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I'm quite certain that was a

I'm quite certain that was a misquote.

Horseback would never say 'Democratic' Party

He said 'Democrat' Party. I'd bet money on it.

And yes, it is pretty amusing that this group calls itself the Center City anything. Most of them probably live outside the city limits and they have little to no influence on city elections.

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