Jun 3 2015
07:18 am

Bobby Jindal will make a "major announcement" on June 24th regarding his run for president. Jindal joins Lindsay Graham, who announced yesterday, as the latest to enter the crowded Republican field.

Other announcements expected over the next few weeks include Bill Haslam, Basil Marceaux, Haley Barbour, Michele Bachmann, Pat Robertson, Glenn Beck, Hulk Hogan, Dennis Rodman, Jeff Foxworthy, Kid Rock, Ted Nugent and Carrot Top. Sarah Palin remains undecided.

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I wish the Democrats had a serious, non-dynastic candidate running. Sanders will be helpful in better defining the platform, but he has less of a chance in the long run than Sen. Inhofe's snowball.

As for the GOP, it's traditional to remark on an emerging primary field's resemblance to Snow White's entourage, but this bunch doesn't even do that justice. The sheer number of declared and all-but-declared candidates speaks volumes about the weakness of the line-up. Sure, some are just in it to sell some books or get a job (or raise) on Fox News, but most probably believe that there's a plausible scenario where they emerge from the crowd and win the nomination. In reality, there actually is a chance for a lot of them.

The most likely scenario is a repeat of 2012, where nobody really wants the presumed front-runner and so each of the others gets a week or two in the limelight, until each manages to demonstrate how profoundly awful they are. Then, with a sigh, the party settles on the inevitable. The difference, though, is that this time we have Jeb Bush, who carries a big sack full of W over his shoulder. Romney only had to suffer for his own liabilities. Jeb Bush has all of that, plus his brother's less-than-stellar legacy. Fiction writers and internet trolls are already hard at work trying to re-write that history (ISIS and related middle east chaos are entirely Obama's fault; everything was fantastic over there when W left office, etc.), but all those GOP wanna-be candidates aren't going to let that slide, even though it involves blaming Obama for the mess he inherited.

It's too bad this stuff is for reals, because it'll be so hilarious to watch, Jon Stewart may regret his decision to leave the Daily Show.

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Why not?

Should we give a serious listen to O'Malley?

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O'Malley: Teach for America fan

I'm worried about O'Malley's likely agenda for public ed.

He was talking up Teach for America in his last (2014) State of the State address as Maryland governor.

His oldest child, Grace, is presently employed with Teach for America in Baltimore.

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Maryland has a long history of crooked politicians, but maybe O'Malley is the exception. Stranger things have happened.

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Details? Worse than

Details? Worse than Tennessee? Shouldn't really lump the good with bad.

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Does Jindal remind anybody

Does Jindal remind anybody else of Eb Dawson on Green Acres?

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"Inveniam viam aut faciam."

This crop of Republicans is nuttier than squirrel shit.

But if this proves nothing else, it's that unlimited soft money contributions in the wake of Citizens United will be quite the honey pot for hucksters of all stripes who'll made campaigning for the GOP nomination into a lucrative quadrennial hobby.

Either a GOP politician will find a way into your pocket, or s/he'll invent one.

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Thumbs up and smiles for Ed

Thumbs up and smiles for Ed Dawson. Who would probably make a better POTUS. At least a better and more interesting candidate.

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Shows how divided GOP has

Shows how divided GOP has become.

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More on O'Malley's education positions

Still poking around and just found this compilation of O'Malley's comments on education, which appears to run up through about 2011.

As governor, it looks like he spearheaded legislation prerequisite to Maryland's RttT grant app the same way Bredesen spearheaded that effort here, to include more frequent student testing and linking those test results to teachers' evals and tenure. No surprise there, of course, as most governors were doing the same thing.

It also looks like O'Malley is big on charter schools (although he opposes private school vouchers).

And in higher ed, it looks like he introduced so-called "outcomes-based" funding for Maryland colleges, as Haslam has introduced it here.

What I'd like to confirm is whether he's pulled back from some of these efforts in the five years since the RttT grant competition--but I haven't found any indication of that yet and his very recent comments in support of TfA, as cited above, seem to indicate he's still supportive of this brand of "reform."

True, he has plenty of likable positions on other issues, but this stuff above is sort of a deal breaker for me.

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Rick Perry's getting in today.

Meanwhile, somewhere in America, a twenty watt bulb is flickering on over Dan Quayle's head, as he realizes he's an intellectual giant compared to most of the people lining up for some good Citizens United suitcases full of unmarked bills.

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Jindal has bankrupted the state of Louisiana.

Perry is a joke.

The repubs I hope will reveal themselves as they run against each other and show the American people how shallow they are.

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No George

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If he doesn't take us past to to the back

One word describes Quayle. And that one word is "to be prepared"!

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