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As of now he has my vote. But

As of now he has my vote. But just the mention of raising taxes won't be a popular point. He needs to lay out a straight forward plan to keep this from happening and only leave it in as a last resort.

Now let's see if the NS and the local TV news will pick up on his campaign.

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I doubt seriously I will have time to get to the issue of taxes during the campaign. The way Knox County is set up it is like sifting through a landfill to get information. For instance, you can find pay rates, but finding how many people are working at that pay rate is another thing.

I'm not running to appease certain groups though, I'm running because the way this county is run is just wrong. First and foremost, I will do the right thing.

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Great response.

Great response.

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Following the campaign

As of right now, I am a one man band, so I am the only one working on this campaign. I know this will sound like heresay, but I think getting a message out is more important than money. We have a lot of work to do.

If you would like to follow the campaign, the facebook group, "Bob Fischer for Mayor" has been formed.

I'm not a twitterer, an instagramer, a tic toker, or any of those other hip and happening web platformers. I'm more of a news junkie. I like researching and breaking down issues. If I'm good enough at it, and chips fall my way, well, you never know, do you?

If I ever get a campaign staff, I will try to expand the platforms by which I communicate. I won't be doing parler.

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I doubt you will be a one man

I doubt you will be a one man show long. I'm feel pretty confident that you will be getting plenty of support. You seem to already have two great people in your corner as in, Sandra and Randy. Or at least they are helping to get your name out.

I would follow you on Social media except I'm currently not on any of them. Knoxviews is as close as I get.

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The damage Glenn Jacobs has

The damage Glenn Jacobs has done to the people of Knox County can never be repaired. We need a sensible person that cares about people to lead Knox County.Someone that uses facts to make decisions, not a mindless, selfish buffoon like Jacobs. Good luck!

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If indeed the Mayor's office has any say in health department covid data being released, we will act in the best interest of the county and will not engage in a cover-up in order to hide our incompetence.

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Policy update.

I'm fleshing out ideas on how County Government will be run. County Government should be run for the general welfare and common good of county citizens, to that end, this is today's policy statement as written on "Bob Fischer for Mayer" my facebook page.

"I need to start getting to some policy and platform announcements.
I have put this off because I wasn't sure where Omicron was going to take us. It looks like we will have an extension of the pandemic, including the distinct possibility of a hospital overload and shutdown as well as another death surge. The cycle we are in will continue ad infinitum until we address it. We are entering Knoxville's third year into this pandemic and we have no end in site.

As this surge unfolds, please compare our county's results to those areas that instituted covid mitigation. The reason we still have these sorts of problems while many other parts of the nation and world are moving past pandemic to endemic is simple, Glenn Jacobs has instituted the most incompetent government response to Covid in the world. The only real power the Mayor had, from the beginning, was in his role as policy maker and his position to deliver a strong message. Instead of acting in good faith and in the public's interest and for the public good, indeed, instead of honoring his oath to uphold the concept of "We the People of the United States, in Order to form a more perfect Union, establish Justice, insure domestic Tranquility, provide for the common defence, promote the general Welfare, and secure the Blessings of Liberty to ourselves and our Posterity, do ordain and establish this Constitution for the United States of America."

Glenn Jacobs has instead ruled as an autocrat, executing hundreds of constituents and poisoning the well of public discourse. He has not even made a cursory attempt at operating this county in the public interest, his tenure has been all about personal gain and personal power, climbing over the bodies of his murdered constituents. Murdered constituents don't get to have the Blessings of Liberty.

Noting that it appears we are still in the throes of the pandemic, and may well be in the foreseeable future, I will attempt, starting on my first day in office, to begin instituting covid policy to get a handle on covid and, not only move us past the pandemic stage to the endemic stage, but to advance our county's position as a tourist destination despite covid, something the County can't do with its present leadership.

Part of this policy will be a "100% Open 100% Of the Time" protocol for local businesses. For those that wish to participate, this will be a concerted effort with the Health Department to develop and institute a policy, certified by the County, to promote the safest possible environment for customers of a business. 100% vaccination/booster compliance by all employees of a business as well as certified proof of vaccination and boosters of all customers will be cornerstone to this effort. In addition, I will reach out to ORNL and develop achievable goals for air filtration and circulation systems in order to remove covid from the indoor atmosphere and would expect these reasonable goals to be instituted.

As Mayor, I would work with local businesses to help get these funded through the American Recovery Act and the Build Back Better act, should any of our national representatives actually decide to do their job and get it approved. In addition, I will work with the Health Department to develop a daily "risk meter", similar to the ones used by the forest service to alert visitors to forest fire danger, in order to determine when masking and additional spacing is necessary. I will pledge to work as a partner with the city to use temporary addendums to local regulations in order to promote safe commerce. We cannot allow our hospitality industry to keep dying, business by business, as our present administration is doing."

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I like you Bob and I like your ideas. But "Bob Fischer for Mayer" (sic) doesn't look good. And you need to work on an elevator speech.

For you and Mark Harmon, are you going to work with Knoxville Democrats and present a united front or are these efforts just by you, for you?

And good luck. I'll vote for you.

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I'm committed to the Democratic Party.

As to my messaging and facebook page, it will progress as I learn more. I understand that verbosity is a weakness of mine, but for the time being, I feel like expounding on issues and presenting a platform takes precedence over quick stump speeches.

I know and like Mark Harmon. I also think he is a smart, talented guy who would make a great U.S. Representative. In addition, if you'll notice, the immediate success or failure of many of my proposals depends on him getting elected. Tim just has lost touch with both his constituents and the needs of the local business community.

As my campaign progresses, I hope to find like-minded talent willing to come aboard and help. Hopefully that will fix some of my style issues.

As I said, I support the Democratic Party and its platform, but County Government isn't really suited to philosophical agendas.Screaming about liberals and conservatives doesn't get you very far when it's time to rescue folks caught by floods, or fixing potholes.

Right now, for me, it's one step at a time. To the party's credit, they are letting me establish a platform and present the issues I feel strongly about. It is my hope that we have at least five more candidates that feel as strongly about other issues as I feel about covid, economic development and eliminating corruption. If we can all unite after the primary, under a single platform, I'd feel pretty good about our chances in November.

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Health Department Reports

In the event of a healthcare crisis or pandemic, I promise the Mayor's office will be insistent that citizens have access to all pertinent data, on a timely basis, in order to have the information necessary to care for themselves. In addition I will return the business of the Health Department back over to the Health Department due to the abysmal record of the Mayor's office since Glenn Jacobs has clearly demonstrated that an incompetent Mayor's public health response is both deadly to what will be well over 1000 people, independent of those we would have lost anyway with a best effort. Just because some will die, does not give the Mayor's office the right to kill others under this umbrella, and claim those deaths due to the incompetence of the Mayor and a deliberate propaganda to raise the death toll are warranted.

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More policy

Upon being elected I will try to institute a wastewater monitoring protocol by partnering with local utilities, Knox County Health department, UT, the County Mayor's office and the Medical community. The health of Knox County citizens and public health policy must be a top priority!

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One man

Sure is getting lonely. We need issues on the table if the democratic party is going to get traction.

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What's going on with you and the Democratic party? I haven't heard much about candidates or platforms.

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I'm laying low until after this surge peaks. I may be jinxing myself, but I've been fairly aggressive about my personal covid protocols, probably more-so than some, more mainstream Democrats. I got another signature today from a local government official and was introduced to a government partner working on our drug problem. I'll be getting back out in the next week-ten days and get back to advancing an outline of a plan.

Jacobs just announced he's starting work on a five year recreation plan that hasn't been done in eleven years while sliding in that we missed out on virtually all grants for parks, likely between hundreds of thousands to millions, and recreation that had to have an up-to-date plan. That's a plan updated every five years. Neither he nor Burchett has ever done one, I guess. I spent my whole career under the assumption that even the most incompetent were held accountable for having a plan. So after six weeks, it's clear that an integral part of my first administration is going to get with the County's career guys and get everything back on tracks. Day to day business like being caught up on the boring aspects of governing are important. We will start on those sorts of things at the start of my term, not try to use getting started on them four years late as a campaigning accomplishment.

You'd be surprised at what hasn't been done and what is being half-assed in County government. It's like peeling an onion of "Now what hasn't been done? Are you kidding me?"

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