Nine months into 2020, Knox County is already seeing more suspected opioid deaths compared to all of last year. Just in September 2020, 26 people died of suspected overdoses in the county.

That brings the total so far this year to 260 people. In 2019, there were 259 suspected overdose deaths and 2020 still has three months left.

More people have died of suspected drug overdoses this year in Knox County than all of 2019 combined

U.S. businesses with COVID-19 outbreaks are facing an emerging legal threat from claims that workers brought coronavirus home and infected relatives, which one risk analysis firm said could cost employers billions of dollars.

The cases borrow elements from “take home” asbestos litigation and avoid caps on liability for workplace injuries, exposing business to costly pain and suffering damages, even though the plaintiff never set foot on their premises.

'Take home' lawsuits over COVID infections could be costly for U.S. employers

Sep 21 2020
04:56 pm

The Census Bureau estimates that nearly 98 million households have self-responded — around 66 percent of all U.S. households — with millions more reached by enumerators

The data submitted determine congressional seats and $1.5 trillion in aid, among other areas.

Meanwhile, Aldora, Georgia, which has a population of 103, has a 0 percent self-response rate. And Fontana Dam, North Carolina, a village known for its tourist-attracting resort, has a 0.9 percent completion rate among its 33 residents.

The states with the best and worst census response rates

Sep 19 2020
01:30 pm

To me, a mall structure seems like a natural for seniors communities. Indoor walking, small electric vehicle transport, wheelchair friendly, doctors offices, stores, restaurants, entertainment, etc. that cater primarily to seniors needs and wants, but some also used by general public. The populace is getting older.

Alternatively, mall developers say they're scouting for businesses other than retailers to replace shuttered stores, anything from schools to doctors offices and short and long-term storage facilities both for residential and commercial customers.

You might be surprised who's moving into those sad, abandoned malls

Sep 18 2020
04:47 pm

Is there a masks superstore of sorts in Knoxville?

Is there somewhere in Knoxville that you can get masks that the straps holding it on go behind the head?

All I can find wrap around the ears.

... several moves in Tennessee are actually restricting the right to vote in the Volunteer State.

As states make voting easier during the pandemic, Tennessee is moving in the other direction

Bernhardt said future leases of the federally-owned land will make the entire 1.5 million acre Coastal Plain area available.

Trump administration announces plans to drill in Arctic National Wildlife Refuge

Because they are not banks, merchant cash advance companies have been subject only to light regulations. Effective interest rates on the companies' advances can be astronomical — at Par they hit 400 percent, according to the SEC, and often exceeded 1,000 percent at RCG, New York state said. Some companies' aggressive, even menacing, collection techniques have also been detailed; according to the New York state suit against RCG, one executive told a customer, "I am going to make you bleed," and told another he would kidnap his daughters if he didn't make the payments.

Feds crack down on lenders targeting small businesses with high-interest loans, abusive collection tactics

Groups of up to five turned out to watch musician Sam Fender from one of 500 raised metal platforms at the the arena in Gosforth Park, Newcastle, northern England.

Distancing is enforced on arrival. Cars are parked two meters apart before patrons are guided to their own platformed private viewing areas, while food and drink can be ordered beforehand or via an app for collection or delivery.

UK's first socially distanced concert shows what the future of live music might look like

Aug 11 2020
12:43 am

Knoxville Chocolate Company has closed its downtown location

The other business which will not re-open is Myrtle’s Chicken + Beer.

Two Market Square Businesses Will Not Re-Open

Aug 6 2020
12:51 pm

The political ads I have seen are not very flattering to Tennessee in general. Regarding the candidates and the reflection on the perceived intellect and mentality of the electorate by the candidates and their campaign staff.

Tennessee GOP Senate primary sets up another establishment vs. insurgent battle

Tennessee Republicans battle to fill Lamar Alexander's Senate seat

Sheriff Tom Spangler with the Knox County Sheriff's Office announced Tuesday he is deferring on enforcing the BOH's order, telling people to call the Knox County Health Department with concerns or complaints about bars not following the order at its (865) 215-5555 COVID-19 hotline.

Knox County sheriff: Call the health department if a bar violates the closure order

They seem to be looking in water for someone. Helicopters hovering over water. Just off Alcoa highway.

ED. UPDATE: Four people aboard, three rescued, one fatality. According to unconfirmed social media source, the helicopter was owned by the Claytons.

Aug 1 2020
12:20 am

Watching "Live at Lucille's" on PBS.

I really liked that place.

A day after a top official in Gov. Bill Lee's administration said Tennessee plans to withhold the number of COVID-19 cases in schools from the public, a spokesperson said the information will not even be collected by the state.

When Lee announced guidance for school reopenings on Tuesday, state Department of Health Commissioner Dr. Lisa Piercey said Tennessee had no plans to provide the public with data on the number of coronavirus cases and deaths at schools as many return to in-person classes.

State won't collect, release data on coronavirus cases in Tennessee schools

Jul 25 2020
10:07 am

Per a press release, the “Save Our Stages Act” would provide six months of financial support to help “keep venues afloat, pay employees and preserve a critical economic sector for communities across America.” Independent music and entertainment venues have been among the hardest-hit businesses during the COVID-19 crisis. Even as some portions of the economy begin to re-open, venues will likely remain closed for some time, as the coronavirus is believed to spread especially quickly in crowded indoor spaces.

Senators Introduce Bill to Fund Independent Venues Struggling During COVID-19

Save our Stages Act

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