Oct 22 2019
12:17 am

Since July 1, 2019, THP has issued nearly 7,300 distracted driving citations statewide. About 3,700 of those are specifically hands free violations. In Knox County, troopers gave out 273 distracted driving tickets, and 102 for someone using a cell phone while driving.

THP ramping up efforts to catch distracted drivers

The District Attorney's Office says 998 people in Knox County have lost their lives to the opioid crisis since 2016. As of Friday, 189 people had died of suspected overdoses this year.

Nearly 1,000 people have died of suspected overdoses in Knox County since 2016

They had some interesting ideas. The water flooding issue is a big deal that has to be addressed, as they explained.

There is so much asphalt there, with the pond as a low point, that it seems like a giant sink with the water left on sometimes. They suggested moving the fair elsewhere, then removing most of the asphalt and making green space. That would have a big impact on the flooding. Although maybe not completely address it. Apparently there is a lot of hollow areas underground that route water to the lowest point in area, in this case the pond.

The movement of amphitheater to closer to interstate was interesting, but I was not clear on how the interstate noise would be addressed with regards to acoustics for shows.

Chilhowee Park had a noticeable revenue bump in 2018, that was attributed to the "Dragon Lights Festival". Which was a good event. I visited it a couple times with folks.


Oct 15 2019
09:51 pm

"The sun is coming up". "No it isn't". "I am looking at it". "No you aren't".

Many were still angry with the Army Corps of Engineers, which they claimed had mismanaged the river — but few were willing to suggest that the flooding had anything to do with climate change. Or that global warming could trigger a food crisis in the next 30 to 40 years.

Climate change is shaping Iowa's physical and political landscape

Five hundred ninety-three former officials who worked under Republican and Democratic administrations signed a letter sent to the House Oversight and Reform Committee on Thursday requesting an investigation into EPA Administrator Andrew Wheeler's threat to withhold federal highway funds from the state [California]. They also want an investigation into Wheeler's demand that the state take action regarding its homelessness crisis. The officials write in the letter that both actions "were intended as retaliation for the state's failure to support President Trump's political agenda."

Nearly 600 ex-EPA officials want Congress to investigate agency over 'inappropriate threat of use' of authority

“We plan on building villages all across the country,” he said Tuesday morning. “We plan on building four more villages in the next three years.”

Tom Boyd: Ancient Lore Village will be first of many similar resorts


Three presidential electors in Washington state who voted for Colin Powell in 2016 rather than Hillary Clinton and were fined under state law, are asking the US Supreme Court to take up their appeal and decide whether a state can bind an elector to vote for the state's popular vote winner.

Supreme Court asked to decide if Electoral College voters are bound to the state's winner

Statewide, there is one primary care doctor per 1,390 people, according to 2019 County Health Rankings. In Morgan County in East Tennessee, the lowest ranked county in the state, there is one primary care physician for every 21,550 citizens

Under the partnership, the six students will get their undergraduate degree in three years before heading to Meharry for four years to get their medical degree. The freshmen have already started working at Meharry and will take classes there before they graduate from MTSU.

Tuition at MTSU is completely covered by state funding allocated over the last couple of years. Tuition will be half price at Meharry.

Gov. Bill Lee touts MTSU, Meharry plan to put doctors in rural Tennessee; schools push for more funding

Sep 29 2019
12:13 pm
Sep 20 2019
05:52 pm

90 seconds driving in Knoxville ...

SUV prepares to turn into liquor store, driver has cell phone held to right ear as city police officer passes in opposite direction within ~15 feet of SUV driver. Driver working at turning with one hand as other hand holds phone to ear

Driver at next intersection looking at phone in right hand as drives by

On Sutherland Ave wheelchair person turns on flashing lights to cross street, I stop as wheelchair is passing in front of me, driver in opposite direction drives thru lights looking at cell phone in right hand. Wheelchair person stops in my lane until car in opposite lane passes. Person driving car never noticing the wheelchair person. Car behind that car also looking at phone, but they stop abruptly after almost driving thru crosswalk. Wheelchair person completes crossing street

I haven't heard much about increased enforcement of cell phone lawt. Is it happening?

Sep 18 2019
04:46 pm

Maybe these exist and I did not know, but has there been any moves regarding solar canopy's on the top of Knoxville city parking garages?

I saw this article about Boulder, Colorado and wondered about Knoxville.

Boulder City Council on Tuesday approved an emergency ordinance allowing the city to install a solar power generation system on a downtown parking garage.

Boulder passes emergency ordinance allowing more solar panel coverage on parking garages

Walmart Inc. likely discriminated against 178 female workers by paying them less, denying them promotions or both, because of their gender, the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission said in memos seen by Reuters

Joseph Sellers, a lawyer for the women, said there were at least 1,600 similar complaints pending at the EEOC, accusing Walmart of discriminating against women in pay and promotions between 1999 and 2011. About 150 lawsuits against Walmart, covering the same time period, were pending in federal courts across the country, he said.

Walmart likely discriminated against female workers, U.S. agency says


I had never heard of the "Food Recovery Network"

Every home game, a group of about seven students go through the leftover food to determine what an be donated. Kennedy said they make sure everything is properly packaged and labeled before they make a delivery.

"The meals that they brought here could feed over 800 people,"

University of Tennessee donates 1,000 pounds of food each home game

Food Recovery Network

Food Recovery Network in Tennessee

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