Jan 27 2022
01:52 pm

Seems like putting the first Native American on Supreme Court should be high on "todo" list.

Active Native American Article III Judges

Jan 27 2022
08:33 am

A record 14.5 million people signed up for health insurance on government-run exchanges under the Obama-era Affordable Care Act since November, the White House said Thursday.

Under the relief package, families saved an average of $2,400 on their annual premiums, the president said.

Record 14.5M sign up for health insurance since November, White House says

"Maus," the Pulitzer Prize-winning graphic novel about the experiences of Holocaust survivors, has been removed from an eighth-grade English language arts curriculum by a Tennessee school board over concerns about "rough, objectionable language" and a drawing of a nude woman.

A Tennessee school board removed the graphic novel 'Maus,' about the Holocaust, from curriculum due to language and nudity concerns

Jan 26 2022
05:15 pm

Rents are continuing to rise across the US.

The cost of rent, on average, was 10.1% higher in 2021 than in 2020, growing five times faster last year than it did in the first year of the pandemic, according to's Monthly Rental Report.

By December, national rents had the sixth-straight month of double-digit annual increases. The national median rent for a one-bedroom in December was $1,651, up 19.3% over the year before.

Rents rose five times faster in 2021 than 2020


The San Jose, California, city council voted Tuesday night to adopt a first-in-the-nation ordinance requiring most gun owners to pay a fee and carry liability insurance, measures aimed at reducing the risk of gun harm by incentivizing safer behavior and easing taxpayers of the financial burden of gun violence.

This Silicon Valley city just voted to institute first-in-the-nation gun ownership requirements

A controversial plan to raze 2,000 acres of hardwood trees on state-owned land in White County may harm numerous protected species in violation of the federal Endangered Species Act, a legal notice delivered to state wildlife officials and the Bridgestone company alleges.

State put on 60-day notice of lawsuit over plans to raze hardwoods on public lands

Jan 23 2022
12:28 am

Procter & Gamble (PG) said Wednesday that it was raising prices by an average of about 8% on retail customers next month for its Tide and Gain laundry detergents, Downy fabric softener and Bounce dryer sheets.

Doing laundry is about to get more expensive

A Wharton professor asked her students what the average American earns and 25% guessed it was over $100,000.

Wharton students guessed the average American income. Their answers went viral

The price of new and used cars increased by 11.8% and 37.3% respectively in December 2021 from December 2020, while wages increased by 4.9% in that same period.

Americans needed to work five weeks more on average to afford a used car in 2021


Cybercriminals are trying to steal financial information from Americans through the QR codes that restaurants and businesses have increasingly turned to during the coronavirus pandemic, the FBI warned this week.

FBI says crooks are using fake QR codes to steal money

Nashville International Airport, in particular, saw a record spike that singlehandedly broke the previous state record. The TSA caught 163 guns at BNA checkpoints in 2021 -- more than all other Tennessee airports combined. Nashville's airport also saw the fifth-most guns caught at TSA checkpoints compared to the rest of the U.S.

Nashville airport alone breaks all-time TN record for gun seizures at TSA checkpoints in 2021


Photos and videos showing piles of empty boxes littered alongside rail tracks in Los Angeles County, California have gone viral as shipping companies say they've seen a dramatic spike in railroad theft. Some of the boxes are packages from companies like UPS, Amazon and FedEx.

Thieves in LA are looting freight trains filled with packages from UPS, FedEx and Amazon

On Thursday, the American Academy of Pediatrics and its Tennessee chapter filed an amicus brief supporting the plaintiffs in the federal mask lawsuit, arguing "universal school masking policies substantially reduce the risk of death and serious illness among Tennessee's school-age children and their families."

National pediatricians' group joins federal suit to support Knox County Schools mask mandate

"Knoxville Fire Department investigators, along with assistance from the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives (ATF), have conducted a thorough scene investigation of the December 31st 710 N. Cherry Street - Planned Parenthood fire and determined the fire to have been purposely set by an individual or individuals who, at this time, remain unidentified," the fire department said in a statement.

New Year's Eve fire at Planned Parenthood facility in Tennessee was arson, officials say

Jan 6 2022
07:15 pm

A top Tennessee House Republican lawmaker has apologized for losing his temper and being ejected from watching a high school basketball game after a confrontation with a referee. The dustup included what appeared to be either a feigned or failed attempt at pulling down the official’s pants, according to video footage.

Tennessee lawmaker upset at game

The relationship between a hairstylist and a client can be far more than simply somebody to cut and shape hair, which is why Tennessee is the latest state to require cosmetologists to complete training on how to recognize and respond to signs of domestic abuse.

Tennessee is the latest state to require hairstylists to complete domestic violence training

Elon Musk, the world's richest person, alone gained nearly $118 billion in just the last 12 months. Meanwhile, the United Nations estimated 150 million people fell into poverty in 2021.

According to Bloomberg, the combined net worths of the 500 people in its billionaire index now exceeds $8.4 trillion. That's more than the gross domestic product of any single country on the planet except the United States and China.

world's 500 richest people became $1 trillion richer last year


A study from the Professional Educators of Tennessee shows around 22% of teachers across Tennessee said they don't plan to stay in education — a fifth of the state's workforce for teaching children. More than 80% of teachers in the study also said teacher morale was the biggest challenge facing educators.

More than 80% of teachers concerned about morale as more people plan to leave the profession

Jan 1 2022
04:00 pm

Matt Hawn has become a focal point of one of this past year's biggest racial controversies. The former public high school teacher in Tennessee was thrust into the national spotlight after he was fired from his tenured job for the way he taught students about White privilege.

They grew up surrounded by racism. But early on they chose a different path

He Taught a Ta-Nehisi Coates Essay. Then He Was Fired.

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