Mar 18 2020
04:51 pm

Otherwise, the Senate vote was 90 to 8. What do the 8 know that we don't know? The rapture's coming soon?

fischbobber's picture

Has she given a news conference on her reasoning?

Seems like this is something someone like her does for attention. Did she get it?

yellowdog's picture

She did it because she does not believe in government.

She and Burchett are two of a kind.

fischbobber's picture

Word on the street....

Blackburn has lost the backing of local republicans.

Burchett is still spinning bullshit.

Knoxoasis's picture

Meanwhile Democrats have now

Meanwhile Democrats have now TWICE derailed the phase three bill that's supposed to put money in the hands of people who need it, to silence from the outrage brigades.

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There is concern about the secretive $half-trillion slush fund.

"At the heart of the impasse is a $425 billion fund created by the bill that the Federal Reserve could leverage for loans to assist broad groups of distressed companies, and an additional $75 billion it would provide for industry-specific loans. Democrats have raised concerns that the funds do not have rules for transparency or enough guardrails to make sure companies do not use the funds to enrich themselves or take government money and lay off workers. They also argue the measure would give Mr. Mnuchin too much discretion to decide which companies receive the funds, calling the proposal a “slush fund” for the administration.

As the legislation is currently written, Mr. Mnuchin would not have to disclose the recipients until six months after the loans were disbursed. Some Democrats also objected to loopholes in the legislation they said could allow Mr. Trump’s real estate empire to take advantage of the federal aid." - NY Times article.

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I'm sure that will be of

I'm sure that will be of great comfort to people who can't buy groceries or pay their rent.

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So giving money to big

So giving money to big corporations and cruise lines for executive bonuses and stock buybacks helps people buy groceries and pay their rent how exactly?

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The bill includes direct

The bill includes direct payments to people with incomes less than $99k. Surely you know this. Direct checks to people so they can get by

fischbobber's picture

One payment

600-1200 dollars. It's not enough to work.

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Effort to clear a conscience?

Effort to clear a conscience?

fischbobber's picture

Who knows?

Pelosi's plan looks pretty good though. She seems to have touched all the bases.

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No to the slush fund

I am glad Democrats are standing against Moscow Mitch's bill. It's time to break the hold on power that a few men in Washington DC have over citizens of this country.

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Denmark is putting their economy in a freeze UFN

Denmark’s Idea Could Help the World Avoid a Great Depression

Thompson: I think I understand you, and I’m going to try to summarize, but tell me if this summary is wrong: Denmark is putting the economy into the freezer for three months. You’re saying: We know that all these people won’t be able to work for the next few months. It’s inevitable. Rather than do rounds of firing followed by rounds of hiring, which will delay the recovery, let’s throw the whole economy into a deep freezer, and when the virus winds down we can thaw it out and almost everybody will still be with the company they worked for in January.

Larsen: That’s exactly it. We are freezing the economy. Because otherwise the government is afraid of the long-term damage that this will do to the entire system. The hope is that this will be over in three or four months, and then we can start up society again.

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