Cash on hand as of most recent quarterly reports:

Apple $74.4 billion
Amazon $24.31 billion
Google $94.71 billion
Facebook $35.45 billion
IBM $11.51 billion
Intel $25.93 billion
AT&T $25.62 billion
Berkshire Hathaway $101.05 billion
Humana $14.25 billion
Coca Cola $27.22 billion
GE $14.22 billion
GM $20.53 billion
Merck $11.97 billion
Procter & Gamble $15.14 billion

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LOL (link...)



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Surprising since I assume

Surprising since I assume hurried, seat of the pants bill writing, by a homogenous closed group , with the same limitations and level of understanding of the ins and out of the subject matter, always leads to exhaustively vetted, objective, fair, even-keeled legislation.

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His lawyer wrote it...

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