Aug 11 2020
09:30 pm
By: R. Neal


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This is a good ticket with two people who understand how government works. There is a lot to fix in our government. We have staffing issues across the board. These are two people that will do what's required over the next four years. Solid.

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Let's win this thing.

Let's win this thing. Otherwise, after four more years our country will be destroyed.

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You need to mentally prepare

You need to mentally prepare yourself for the fact that Trump is going to win.

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No shit


Edit: It's about as good a ticket as one could have in these times. Biden knew more about Trump's job thirty years ago, than Trump does today. Competency will increasingly become an issue. I look for the debate where Biden looks up and says, "What? Do you even know what you're doing?" and from that point on Biden will explain proper presidential protocol to the masses. Many people will be saying,"Really?"

It could get wild.

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More like Biden looking up

More like Biden looking up and saying "What? Why am I here? Who are all you people?"

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Big Fail

You should have mentally prepared yourself for adulthood

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You are so wrong on

You are so wrong on everything! You are in denial. The wannabe dictator Trump is a loser and despite his corruptness and the corruptness of his attorney general and the rest of his mob, thankfully the majority of Americans are eager for a change and Biden's support will be too decisive for Trump to steal the election. On January 20,2021, I will get the best birthday gift ever with the swearing in of Joe Biden as President. Finally, our long national nightmare will be over! Hopefully,then he can be treated the way he deserves to be treated for his corruptness and responsibility for the death and suffering of hundreds of thousands of people in our country and abroad. Let us hope and pray that never again will Americans be so misguided to vote for an evil and immoral person that actions go against the teachings of Jesus and any other religious belief based on love and kindness. Biden will win in a landslide. Lock Donald up!

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Whenever Biden makes a small,

Whenever Biden makes a small, harmless gaffe the right and much of the media jump all over it as proof that he's not mentally capable. While Trump continues to make dozens of dangerous, consequential gaffes every day to go along with the majority of his statements being deeply misleading or outright lies.

The only way Trump can win would be by voter suppression, Putin's meddling, and Trump's other manipulations such as by decimation of the USPS.

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All of which....

Are likely.

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Please Mr. Postman

I've a friend who's been a route postman for 35 years. He loves his job. He's reliable, hard working & dedicated. I asked him about all this postal upheaval and he said that general mail is already beginning to pile up at the distribution facilities, as a direct result of new procedures, equipment cutbacks and, in the case of employees under the "urban" labor union, reduced hours. He intends to do whatever it takes to deliver as much mail in a timely fashion as he can, for as long as he can. But, he's sure not looking forward to this Fall.

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I feel for the guy.

We've been through CEOs like this at UPS. I'm kind of old school. If went out on my package car, it got delivered, with one exception, the blizzard of 93. I've always felt bad about not getting everything delivered that Friday night, but we had been warned, the rain was falling hard and temperatures were dropping. I just got scared that I was going to get caught in it and bailed at 35 degrees.

Hopefully charges will be filed next week putting a halt to this, and everything is fixable, but if we don't vote Trump out, it's all for naught.

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After the announcement that

After the announcement that Biden chose Harris, I don't know what it was, but a feeling of happiness just filled my whole day and nothing seemed to ruin it. I had first wondered if Biden should have chosen Hillary. She did when the popular vote and Biden was VP for one of the most poular, if not the most popular presidents of our time. But his choice of Harris just seemed to fit. And I don't think there's a better candidate for VP to get under Trump's skin and get to the the ire of his base!!! I have no doubt she'll be up to the task. The Republicans birther attacks didn't work against Obama and they won't work against Harris. It just makes me smile every time I hear it mentioned.

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Biden needs to add a little

Biden needs to add a little humor in his campaign. He's all about gloom and doom. I know he can be funny! Somehow he needs to show it in his speeches.

Sometimes I wonder if he's even trying to win the election. I felt the same way about McWherter vs Black, and Kerry vs Bush back in 2004.

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Hmmm... hard to have much

Hmmm... hard to have much humor right now.

Did hear he visited some firefighters that he had visited in the past and had promised them a beer next time. The firefighters asked about the beers previously promised. Biden returned to his vehicle and took out 2 six packs for the firefighters. They smiled.

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I don't see Biden matching Trump's Insult Comedy esp. among tthe MAGAs

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