Oct 6 2018
06:31 am

When asked why there aren't more female senators on the committee, the Iowa Republican [Senate Judiciary Chairman Chuck Grassley] said: "Well, it's a lot of work. Don't forget, compared to a lot of committee meetings, we have an executive every Thursday. ... So it's a lot of work. Maybe they don't want to do it."

There are 4 Democratic women on the Senate Judiciary Committee. Was he really saying that Republican women don't want to work hard? :)

Shortly after making the statement, he backtracked his comments. "It's just a lot of work whether you're a man or a woman. It doesn't matter."

Out of the nearly 1,300 people who have served in the U.S. Senate since inception, 52 of them have been women. Of the 52 women who have served in the U.S. Senate, 34 of them were/are Democrats.

Women wearing pants, not the norm back in the day.

In early 1993, Carol Moseley-Braun, the first African-American woman to serve as a United States senator, wore a pantsuit to work. . But when she set foot on the Senate floor, "the gasps were audible." Unbeknownst to Moseley-Braun—who had donned pantsuits frequently during her time in the Illinois legislature—women were forbidden from wearing pants on the Senate floor.

Pat Nixon wore two pantsuits by American designers in a fashion spread, becoming the first sitting first lady to be photographed publicly wearing trousers.

I want to thank my Mother, my Sister, my Mother-in-law, my Sister-in-law and so many other women who led the way for women's rights during the mid-late 20th century. Women may have been granted the right to vote in 1920, but it has taken longer to get equal rights. Still working on it.

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