Apr 10 2019
10:28 am

Randy Boyd continues talks with the City of Knoxville to bring the Tennessee Smokies Double-A baseball team to the Old City.

I'm guessing one advantage will be to have a new venue in Knoxville. The current stadium in Sevierville doesn't appear to get much use from about October to February, 5 months or so, according to the Tennessee Smokies website schedule. Although, it probably gets used for non-baseball related events.

The current stadium property, Tennessee Smokies Baseball Stadium Sevierville, TN, 3540 Line Dr, Kodak, TN 37764, is owned by the City of Sevierville. It looks like there are 26+ acres of land associated with it.

Record attendance of 7,958 was recorded in 2017.

In researching what looks like land owned by Boyd/Boyd related enterprises, it appears they own about 11 acres in the Old City. According to the KNS article, it does appear they are trying to buy out other business owners in the area.

Should be interesting. Better than a rodeo. However, the City of Sevierville may be in for problems if the current land is left empty.

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The current stadium Christmas

The current stadium Christmas light show seems to be very successful. It goes on for 2 months November thru early January. Would that continue in Knoxville if it moved?

Smokies Stadium Christmas Wonderland

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per his dad

Randy had stadium plans fully drawn up five years ago.

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