Jul 19 2019
08:11 am

On a long trip you're gonna get hungry and have to eat. At this point 50 years ago in their journey to the Moon, the Apollo 11 Astronauts had been cruising through space for about three days and were just hours away from lunar orbit insertion. So what did they have to eat?

According to this NASA paper "SP-368 Biomedical Results of Apollo - Apollo Food Technology," the Astronauts had a fairly extensive menu to choose from, including:

Peaches (R), Fruit cocktail (R), Canadian bacon and applesauce (R), Bacon squares (8) (IMB), Sausage patties (SBP), Sugar coated corn flakes (R), Strawberry cubes (4) (DB), Cinnamon toasted bread cubes (4) (DB), Apricot cereal cubes (4) (DB), Peanut cubes (4) (DB), Grape drink (R), Cocoa (R), Orange drink (R), Grapefruit drink (R), Orange-grapefruit drink (R), Beef and potatoes (WP), Frankfurters (WP), Cream of chicken soup(R), Shrimp cocktail (R), Applesauce (R), Turkey and gravy (WP), Ham and potatoes (WP), Brownies (4) (IMB), Chocolate pudding (R), Cheese cracker cubes (6) (DB), Grape punch (R), Chocolate cubes (4) (DB), Date fruit cake (4) (IMB), Salmon salad (R), Spaghetti with meat sauce (SBP), Tuna salad (R), Beef stew (WP), Chicken and rice (SBP), Pork and scalloped potatoes (SBP), Chicken stew (SBP), Coconut cubes (4) (DB), Sugar cookie cubes (6) (DB), Pineapple grapefruit drink (R), Pineapple fruit cake (4) (IMB), Butterscotch pudding (R), Banana pudding (R), Grape punch (R).

Forms of packaging included "rehydratable, irradiated, dry bite, wet pack, intermediate moisture bite, and spoon-bowl packet." Water for rehydrating meals came from the byproduct of hydrogen fuel cell energy production.

Astronaut nutrition involved a great deal of science, research, development, and engineering, and it evolved over the Mercury, Gemini and Apollo programs. They operated under a number of constraints such as nutrition, stability, packaging, storage, weight and "crew idiosyncracies." You can read more about it at the above link.

For some reason, all this reminded me of this:

bizgrrl's picture

Except for "rehydratable,

Except for "rehydratable, irradiated, dry bite, wet pack," they may have eaten better than we did on our western trip. :)

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