Jan 11 2018
12:29 pm

The State of TN, Dept. of Revenue changed their online sales and use tax filing again. It had also changed last year. Had to call them twice. Had to change the user id, password, and secret question.

It sure would be quicker to file the taxes if they would stop changing systems. I wonder why they keep changing.

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I wonder why they keep

I wonder why they keep changing.

So their pals they outsource the call centers and operations to can make more money?

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That was my first thought.

That was my first thought.

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it's a total disaster. after

it's a total disaster. after filing for years (both paper and online) users now have to set up new accounts, which can be a daunting - and often impossible - procedure.

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Went to login again to check

Went to login again to check on something, got this message.

Confirmation authentication needed.

The browser you are logging on with is not recognized.

You’re using a new browser that hasn't logged into your account before.

You have switched browsers or deleted your cookies.

Using Chrome. Chrome is the same browser I used the first and every other time. I have not switched browsers. I have not deleted my cookies. Oh, well.

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I finally gave up on setting

I finally gave up on setting up a new account, and went out to the Department of Revenue at Strawberry Plains. Apparently, the numbers I had entered (all correct) didn't match the numbers they had in their system. So they manually entered the numbers they needed - something I couldn't do because I couldn't set up an account. Anyway, the clerk was very pleasant and helpful, and all was finally resolved.

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Nice there is a location to

Nice there is a location to visit and with helpful, knowledgeable people.

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