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FCC will enforce net neutrality

By R. Neal, Thu, 2015/02/26 - 3:51pm

FCC votes for net neutrality, a ban on paid fast lanes, and Title II

Government shutdown, UN takeover of internets imminent...

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Is there an exhaustive list of Knoxville breweries?

By jbr, Thu, 2015/02/26 - 3:03pm

Is there one place that keeps an exhaustive, up to date, list of Knoxville breweries. If they serve on premises, serve food, etc?

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Vertical farm can make 44,000 pounds of tomatoes on the side of a parking lot

By jbr, Thu, 2015/02/26 - 12:46pm

Interesting use of parking garage.

Vertical Harvest — a multi-story greenhouse built on the side of a parking lot

Vertical farm can make 44,000 pounds of tomatoes on the side of a parking lot

Vertical Harvest

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Other reasons KNS might be losing subscribers

By reform4, Thu, 2015/02/26 - 10:12am

Didn't get my paper today, understandably, so I called circulation to request an adjustment. While I was doing that, I recalled that I had two other missed deliveries that I had reported via their automated system (since they were missed on the weekend), so I thought I would log into my account and see if the credits had been reflected.

Nope. Nada.

It being a weekday today, I was able to reach a human being who agreed that the credits didn't get applied by the automated system, but who was happy to add them. "Thanks," I said, "but it shouldn't be my job to log in every month, check my account, and bird-dog your failing automated system."

Then I noticed that my subscription period had strangely been reduced by 5 days. I asked her about that. She said it was because there is an extra $2 charge for the extra advertisements in the Thanksgiving paper.

HUH? Subscribers have to pay for the extra printing? Why aren't the advertisers footing that with their $500 per page ads? (you can opt out of this, but you have to call in.. they should ask you when you subscribe to agree to the extra charge, since the subscription rate info doesn't show this). In fact a Google Search found nothing on the knoxnews web site about it .

Even so, the math doesn't work out: $2 charge / $17 per month x 30 days = 3.5 day adjustment. Even if you round up, that's 4 days, not 5 days. Fuzzy math. She said she had no explanation. I had one, but it wasn't her job to listen to my accusation of fraud.

So, I just told her to cancel the entire account, explaining again that my life is sufficiently busy that I don't have time to audit my account every month.

Lesson#1: don't screw your customers on billing.
Lesson#2: If you find out your system is screwing customers by accident, FIX IT immediately.
Lesson#3: Thank the customer who pointed this out by, say, offering a free month as an apology, and you might actually keep them.
Lesson#4: Empower your employees to do #3.

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NAAWP? Seriously?

By R. Neal, Wed, 2015/02/25 - 8:02pm

Pith in the Wind

“It’s time for a Council of Christian Relations and a NAAWP in this Country,” reads a comment posted by House Majority Floor Leader Sheila Butt on Facebook last month.

OK, then.

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Here we go again

By R. Neal, Wed, 2015/02/25 - 6:25pm

The latest round of snow showers has arrived over here. It just started coming down. The NWS predictions as to when and how much have varied throughout the day. They have dialed it in to a 100% chance of snow tonight. Up to 2" to 4" they are saying now.

Hazardous Weather Outlook

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Frank Cagle nails the Voucher Issue

By Rachel, Wed, 2015/02/25 - 1:14pm

For the children

In case this is behind the subscription wall, a quote:

"It is likely new schools will spring up to siphon off the best and brightest students, leaving the public schools poorer as a result. Rather than spending the money to educate all the students, we propose to put a select group of students in a lifeboat, leaving the mother ship to sink.

If you don’t think a lot of public money will be involved in the future, think about the hundreds of thousands of dollars the voucher proponents spent in the last election to defeat voucher opponents. Do you think they did that just to benefit low-income minority students?

Yeah, right. They’re just doing it for the children."

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The deaths not counted in this winter storm reporting,,,,

By Mello, Wed, 2015/02/25 - 11:01am

TEMA reports the death toll from this last storm to be 27. With no disrespect for those who lost loved ones I need to point out the big error in this reporting.

Lloyd, Greg, Ronnie, Randy- all were well loved friends of my dear friends. All unreported in the State's 'official' count because their homes were tents or public shelters. Knowing this year's Winter exposure-related death toll currently stands at 8 in Nashville alone, statewide the storm toll is likely double what you see being reported.

You just have to understand who counts and who does not.

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Clueless quote of the day

By R. Neal, Wed, 2015/02/25 - 11:00am

The KNS quotes UTAD Dave Hart from an earlier radio interview:

"Divisiveness brings out the worst in people, especially if you’ve got vindictiveness involved, and that’s present in this."

Say what? Trying to remember, who started all the "divisiveness?"

Allow Betty Bean to retort: is difficult to argue against the proposition that Hart has a problem with women.

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Tennessee Republican offers bill to nullify Farragut's town charter

By metulj, Tue, 2015/02/24 - 4:40pm

Quick! Get inside the gates!

The legislation defines a "no-go zone" as a "a contiguous geographical area consisting of public space or privately owned public space where community organizing efforts systematically intimidate or exclude the general public or public workers from entering or being present within the area."

A bill in response to a non-existent phenomenon (that's an oxymoron) in a foreign country.

Lynn said that state Sen. Bill Ketron, who sponsored the Senate version of the bill, "saw it with his own eyes" during a visit to Europe.

Bill Ketron probably saw not much more than the tour bus bathroom during that visit to Europe. I seriously doubt he took the RER out to Saint-Denis when the bus stopped at the Eiffel Tower.

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Obama vetoes Keystone XL pipeline bill

By R. Neal, Tue, 2015/02/24 - 3:48pm

Washington Post: Obama vetoes Keystone XL bill

The House passed a bill authorizing construction of the pipeline earlier this month by a vote of 270-152, mostly along party lines. The Senate passed the measure 62 to 36 in January. The bill was one of the first introduced as the Republican-controlled Congress was being sworn in last month.

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Ruby Tuesday relocating HQ?

By R. Neal, Tue, 2015/02/24 - 3:36pm

A reader sends a link to an Orlando Business Journal article saying that Ruby Tuesday is considering relocating its corporate HQ to Orlando. According to the article, Orlando city council yesterday approved $315,000 in state and local incentives for the move.

The article says they are also looking at Knoxville or Atlanta. Any relocation would be a huge blow to downtown Maryville.

As noted here previously, Ruby Tuesday hired a former Darden exec as their new CEO a few years ago. Darden HQ is located in Orlando.

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SPEAK movie showing "STANDARDIZED - Lies, Money and Civil Rights"

By Mike Knapp, Tue, 2015/02/24 - 11:43am

What: SPEAK movie showing "STANDARDIZED - Lies, Money and Civil Rights"
When: Saturday, March 7, 2015 - 1:00pm
Where: Bearden Library

STANDARDIZED - Lies, Money and Civil Rights
How testing is ruining public education

Review by Jaime Franchi in the Long Island Press

The documentary Standardized: Lies, Money, and Civil Rights: How Testing is Ruining Public Education, the brainchild of producer and former teacher Daniel Hornberger, is a powerful artistic translation of this both cerebral and passionate battle. It stars real-life parents, teachers and experts from across this country testifying as to how schools are being destroyed by this federal education mandate—the Obama Administration’s answer to predecessor George W. Bush’s No Child Left Behind Act. The groundswell of protest from parents and teachers is quickly reaching critical mass, causing politicians who had previously dismissed critics of the reform to reconsider their positions. In New York, State Education Commissioner John King faces a vote of “no confidence” by the teachers’ unions for implementing the program. Standardized’s cinematic examination of the effects of high-stakes standardized testing on schoolchildren and the multi-billion-dollar industry perpetuating it comes as the battle here on Long Island is really heating up.

The inspiration for the film comes from the book Making the Grade, by author Todd Farley, who spent his career working in the standardized testing industry and confirmed Hornberger’s suspicions that high-stakes testing not only stifles the creativity of teachers and is harmful to students, but it’s ultimately fraudulent, too.

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Enough snow, already

By bizgrrl, Tue, 2015/02/24 - 6:46am


We were almost rid of the last ice and snow. It's back. Maybe this will be a 24-hour snow.

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Glenn Reynolds: Libertarian Fascist?

By metulj, Mon, 2015/02/23 - 6:34pm

Folks, he probably wrote this dreck on his work computer on the taxpayer's dime too.

Science fiction writer Robert Heinlein, in his famous novel Starship Troopers, envisioned a society where voters, too, had to demonstrate their patriotism before being allowed to vote. In his fictional society, the right to vote came only after some kind of dangerous public service — in the military, as a volunteer in dangerous medical experiments, or in other ways that demonstrated a willingness to sacrifice personally for the common good. The thought was that such voters would be more careful, and less selfish, in their voting.

So when the five-day wonder of questioning Barack Obama's patriotism is over, perhaps we should address another question: How patriotic is the electorate? And how long can we survive as a nation if the answer is "not very"? And we should proceed from there

More about Heinlein: he espoused a "social credit" philosophy to a great degree. Social credit thinkers wanted to apply engineering principles to society at large. If you didn't say "Oh, shit," then just assume that classic social credit thinkers like C.H. Douglas didn't blink an eye at things like "the right people having children" and "pure human races." And, Douglas was a rabid anti-Semite who thought Jews were keen on communism because of their proclivity to abstract thought.

Ah, yes. Another fun bit of Reynold's logorrhea to finish off your day. Why on earth such a vaunted individualist and libertarian "thinker" gives a fig about the survival of a nation is humorous in one sense, but telling in another....

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Inspirational headlines, simple and to the point

By R. Neal, Mon, 2015/02/23 - 5:37pm


(Southern Living, March 2015.)

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Josh Flory launches new blog

By R. Neal, Mon, 2015/02/23 - 4:02pm

Former KNS business reporter Josh Flory has launched a new blog at his new home, commercial real estate outfit NAI Knoxville:

Bricks and Mortar

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TN Promise: What Cohen said

By Tamara Shepherd, Sun, 2015/02/22 - 10:21pm

Via Tom Humphrey:

Cohen’s concerns start with the way Tennessee Promise was funded — by taking millions of dollars in reserves from the lottery-funded Hope program. Stripping the money from Hope leaves those scholarships with no room for growth and eventually will kill the program, said Cohen, who as a state senator shepherded the legislation paving the way for the Tennessee Lottery and the Hope program.

What’s more, Cohen argues, Tennessee Promise essentially punishes students who have made decent grades by taking scholarship money away from Hope and giving it to students who haven’t distinguished themselves academically and who are unlikely to complete their degree.

Yep, Haslam has now cut Hope funding to my younger student with the 4.0 pretty much the same way he did to my older student with the 4.0--although he cut my older student's Hope funding completely after seven semesters, when he established that 120 hour cap three years back Then gave her "merit" scholarship to students among whom 47% were washing out academically as freshmen.

And what Cohen didn't say is that tuition costs at TN public colleges have risen so rapidly since the advent of Hope scholarships a decade ago, the Hope wasn't enough help even before Haslam cut proceeds to freshman and sophomores this year.

Spot on, Rep. Cohen. You conceived of the Hope as a merit scholarship. Don't let up.

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Restaurants, venues eyed for Kern's Bakery

By jbr, Sat, 2015/02/21 - 1:12am

From ...

.A group of local developers are hoping to turn the sprawling, 84-year-old Kern’s Bakery into a food and entertainment destination in South Knoxville.

A brewery, music venue, coffeehouse, restaurant and bar were all among the ideas tossed around Friday as Dewhirst and his partners toured the 65,000-square-foot building..

.Restaurants, venues eyed for Kern's Bakery

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A Whiter Shade of Pale

By Mark Harmon, Fri, 2015/02/20 - 6:05pm

Did anyone else notice it earlier this week when Jeb Bush referred to Boko Haram as “Beau-coup Haram?" At one point he seemed inches away from advocating war on Procol Harum.

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